Friday, June 08, 2012

Susan & Russ- San Diego Engagement Shoot

this is susan and russ. 
they are the sweetest couple. they giggled and whispered throughout the shoot and had such a soft, romantic and beautiful love for each other. 
and i love a couple that looks at me like i am a biiiitttt crazy when i say.. "let's take a photo by the cows" but they still smile while doing it. it is actually one of our favorite shots..
how GORGEOUS is susan?
her hair is so fabulous and my camera loved her!
 and russ was so shy but still so very handsome..
when he looks at her, his smile is to die for.
don't you think?
i am so honored to shoot their wedding this september..
so don't worry..
you will see them again


Anonymous said...


- nolan

Bohemian Kate said...

Pretty photos! Is that Lavender Farm located near Escondido? I think I've heard of it...looks beautiful!

Lara said...

beee-autiful! love the cows! so cute!

fawn said...

Thanks Ladies! Yes, Kate! It is in Escondidio! It is gorgeous! :)