Monday, September 23, 2013

bridal boudoir photography by sequins and candy photography

bridal photography has always been around.. i can remember friends getting married and making a book for their future husbands and i considered it a bit "brave" for me.. i could never confidently get in front of a camera and take off  "most" of my clothes and to look like those gorgeous victoria secret models? ya right! and what would the photographer think of me? i don't know how to model? where do i look? what do i wear? do i smile or not smile?
 and now.. as a wedding photographer, i have many many clients  requesting a boudoir shoot, it is a HOT trend right now and i absolutely LOVE it! i really feel i have created a chic and classy version of this shoot.. it is something a beautiful and an amazing gift for your husband.. believe me, their faces are PRICELESS when they receive it. you don't have to be a supermodel, super skinny, have hair extensions or be a professional, and believe me, i am not judging you one bit, i encourage you to just rock it, relax and have fun.. i will walk you through it and it will be classy, beautiful and treasured for years to come.

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