Sunday, January 01, 2017

A TWO year hiatus??

HOW did I go 2 years without a post?

I really started to become conflicted about blogging..  I have become conflicted about alot in the last few years. I can remember turning 36 and for some reason.. started worrying about everything. Am I a good Mom? Am I eating too much meat? Am I a good wife? Are my kids involved in enough activities? Does my Instagram already have a post of my Avo toast?  Am I an introvert? An Extrovert? Should we buy a house? Am I a fun Mom? Do I nag my husband too much? Am I f*+cking this all up?
Calm down.

So much happened in the last few years. We bought a house, sold it, bought a camper, sold it, went to Hawaii, my business took off and I was busy as could be, stressed as could be and running like crazy from volunteering, to client meetings, to coffee dates, lunch dates, to soccer practice, dance, working out at a fancy gym and going to hot yoga to try and relax in between.. 
We lived across the street from the beach and 
life really was awesome, busy but still awesome. 
Hubby gets an email one day with an amazing job opportunity in Nor Cal..
me, being the supportive "can handle" anything poser i am..

(insert eyeroll here)
Hubby got this job and before I know it..


Moved from our amazing home in our glorious neighborhood across the street from my favorite place.. the beautiful ocean. I left all my friends and my family and we took a HUGE leap.

I really had no idea how attached to this life I was. I have traveled the world, I love a road trip and I am a free spirit, always up or an adventure.. right? 
The real answer is? NOPE. Somewhere down the road.. that person was lost and I had no idea.

I called and reached out to everyone I could who had made a move, lived up North and I cried on the shoulders of all my girlfriends.. we had multiple wine nights, walks on the beach and parties all the way to the end.
Then we drove away with all our belongings shoved into a moving truck and our dog sitting shotgun.
We moved into our new home in the pouring rain and we were exhausted..
I told myself it was God's way of cleansing.. or something like that..

This move has been SO extremely hard.. I think I cried everyday for 2 months straight.
 It has also been extremely GOOD. 
It is like a reset button.
Pushing pause for a minute.
Slowing down.
Reflecting on our life.
Our family is closer than ever and we have been exploring this beautiful part of California any chance we get. I like to think I am teaching my girls about adventure, that change is good and necessary and that LOVE is what is most important. I have slowed down (not by choice but it is GOOD), found a desire to write again, and I have taken a hiatus from Photography for the moment. 

Bring it 2017...
I am ready for ya.

Half Moon Bay // Dec 31, 2016

Monday, January 05, 2015

black and white.

it has been a really good month. a nice break from work to recharge and get inspired. to get a game plan for an amazing year ahead. simplifying and learning to breath.. it is tough to do.. 
i have been on a black and white kick lately..
it too,
 is simple and makes you sort of stop and breath..

don't you think?

{all images fawn christiansen photography}

Monday, December 01, 2014

Fawn Christiansen Photography on the COVER of San Diego Exquisite Weddings Magazine!

I pinch myself a lot.. This job of mine that I love is pretty amazing. When I think of the big steps I have taken, especially in the beginning.. it was SO scary.. More like the LEAPS I took... Announcing "I am a Photographer" then I remember my first PAYING gig.. oh. it was stressful.
But with practice, determination and not being afraid to go for it..
well.. it is pretty wonderful when a moment like this happens..
San Diego Exquisite Weddings Magazine hired me to shoot a 12 page editorial for their magazine with a POTENTIAL cover.
I got the cover and it is on newsstands now.
I mean??
Seeing your work in print is beyond fabulous and walking into Barnes and Noble and seeing it, MY cover sitting all pretty.. all glossy and bright..
it is beyond surreal..
Man. I am one lucky girl.

Model: Megan Hawkins
Styling: Thorne Artistry
Florals: Bespoke
MUAH: King Cardoza
Dress: Sarah Seven

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Condor's Nest Ranch Wedding by Fawn Christiansen Photography

Venue: Condor's Nest Ranch
Florals: Collected With Love
Rentals: Folklore Vintage
Cake: Cute Cakes