Sunday, January 31, 2010

sprinkles make it disappear

sprinkles on spinach too?
this pancake didn't stand a chance..
it was in her belly before i could say pass the syrup..
all it took was some rainbow sprinkles on top....
i will be doing some experimental sprinkling..
stay tuned..
i have big plans..

hollywood bound

we were off to hollywood last week..

 to visit grandma at work...
grandma has a cool work..
 work is a tv show called wizards of waverly place..
we met famous people.

we took pictures with those famous people

she climbed into this famous girls arms like she was santa claus..

they were so excited..

and had so much fun..

thanks grandma for letting us visit you and all your friends..


Thursday, January 21, 2010

it is quite the storm over in this neck of the woods...
that is a duck floating back and forth on our now underwater patio...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


this is the most brilliant think i have ever seen.
the girls are always making art.
so much, we made an art studio for the girl in the garage.
i cherish it all...
it does get hard to decide where to put what when the new "series" arrives.
i will be using making this and loving it everyday.
for. sure.

some of my new favorites..

our new antique roll top desk..
i switched out the hardware and polished her real pretty with old english..

our kitchen window that looks our to the backyard..
see the roses blooming?
oh! and there is mint everywhere..
mint and lemons..
yes. that means mojitos..
nikki, where are you?

our new pendant light that hangs over the dining room table..


new shower curtain....

orange pillow...


                                      girls room is complete with
                               poof balls and birdhouses from anthropologie..
                                     princess dresses and alot of pink..
                                              of course...


Friday, January 15, 2010

until we meet again..sweet italia..

this is one of my favorite places ever..
cinque terra, italy...
to say it was beautiful is an understatement..
the colors, the smells, the people, the food, the wine..
it. is. amazing. amazing. amazing.

i drank pellegrino and apricot juice in the cool misty mornings overlooking the sea..
i had a fantastic tan ( i swear you get a different color tan in europe)..
we rented an apartment from the restaurant owner by asking at the front "camera?"
(that is italian for room)..
we were guests for lunch at a family of 8's home (even the married brother and his wife lived with mama), it was 4 courses and each cup of coffee after lunch was cooked singly on the stove, sipped, cherished and sooo delicious..
we hiked along the cliffs to the sea to get to each village..
no cars are allowed, anywhere..
i ate amazing pesto..
drank delicious wine..
the hiking paths smelled liked jasmine..
olive trees are strung with nets to catch the yummy bursts of flavor as they drop..
my favorite dessert that journey was a huge bowl of cherries served on ice.. such a beautiful sight..
i bought "marvis" toothpaste at the little shop on the corner..
i remember these two old men that sat on crates in front of their shop everyday and played cards..
it does not seem that long ago..
i remember it so vividly..
i hope i never forget the smallest details..
i can not wait to travel with the girls when they are older..
i can not wait to be with them to experience the world..


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

when life gives you lemons...

we have a huge lemon tree in our new backyard.
i am soooo excited about her..
we have big plans..
that's for sure..
as of now, i have a beautiful bowl of lemons on my dining room table..
as of later this week..
 i plan on having a lot of lemon bars in my belly..

birthday wishes..

my birthday is 2.5 weeks away..
here is my wish..
oh! and sushi.

Friday, January 08, 2010

in a fog

so this morning chloe gets up at 5:30am..
i can give her a sippy cup of milk and she will go back to sleep until 7:30am..
since we moved and we now have stairs, i do not want to break my neck getting that cup of milk when it is still dark outside and nobody in the world is awake yet..
so, i was up at 5:30 and sooo tired.
makena gets up and the girls play, we eat breakfast, i clean a bit and look up..
it is 7:40am
ok.. girls..
get dressed..
 we are going to target..
yes.. wander around target and i can get a starbucks!
great idea!
damian calls me on my cell phone as we are perusing the aisles..
 the girls are devouring their blueberry scones, chattering away and i am sipping my yummy, warm,
soy latte..

hello? hello?
i can't hear you..
i go to take a sip of coffee..

my delicious coffee is pressed to my ear where my cell phone would be if i wanted to actually hear damian's voice..
ya. i am totally serious.
i guess the move, holidays and head cold that will not go away have made me a bit loco.
so...why am i blogging right now?
i need sleep.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

my resolution..

for the new year is..
take on s.i.m.p.l.e. pleasures.
to try not to sweat the small stuff...
be a bit more..

do a bit more for "just me"
read finish a book..
light candles whenever I'm home..
fresh flowers in the house..
eat delicious clean food..
have friends over for simple dinner parties often..

to just sloooowww down and take it all in..
not guzzle.. :)
not to much to ask of myself..

Sunday, January 03, 2010


i love you.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


we are ringing in the new year in a new home!
we moved in the rain.
we fell down our new stairs 3x
we locked ourselves out of the house.
we broke into our new house.
our bodies ache.
we have never been so tired.
we toasted with champagne and friends.
we went to old town for fantastic mexican food.
we celebrated my dad's birthday with everyone over among all the boxes.
we watched an amazing sunset from the girls new room.
chloe has her first cold and fever of the year. :(
we took a dip in the spa.
we met friendly neighbors.
the girls love soba noodles in 2010.
we brewed coffee in our new home.
we burned a fresh "volcano" candle in our new home.
we got WIRELESS internet and t.v today.
i organized, cleaned, cleaned and organized..
i am feeling good..
i have a feeling 2010 is going to be f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.