Friday, January 15, 2010

until we meet again..sweet italia..

this is one of my favorite places ever..
cinque terra, italy...
to say it was beautiful is an understatement..
the colors, the smells, the people, the food, the wine..
it. is. amazing. amazing. amazing.

i drank pellegrino and apricot juice in the cool misty mornings overlooking the sea..
i had a fantastic tan ( i swear you get a different color tan in europe)..
we rented an apartment from the restaurant owner by asking at the front "camera?"
(that is italian for room)..
we were guests for lunch at a family of 8's home (even the married brother and his wife lived with mama), it was 4 courses and each cup of coffee after lunch was cooked singly on the stove, sipped, cherished and sooo delicious..
we hiked along the cliffs to the sea to get to each village..
no cars are allowed, anywhere..
i ate amazing pesto..
drank delicious wine..
the hiking paths smelled liked jasmine..
olive trees are strung with nets to catch the yummy bursts of flavor as they drop..
my favorite dessert that journey was a huge bowl of cherries served on ice.. such a beautiful sight..
i bought "marvis" toothpaste at the little shop on the corner..
i remember these two old men that sat on crates in front of their shop everyday and played cards..
it does not seem that long ago..
i remember it so vividly..
i hope i never forget the smallest details..
i can not wait to travel with the girls when they are older..
i can not wait to be with them to experience the world..


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