Wednesday, May 22, 2013

chloe is 6.

little chloe is not so little anymore..
she is 6.
she is the life of every party..
she is a hip hop, coffee grinding dancer..
she is very sensitive..
she loves to wear black leggings..
she cuddles alot..
she is SUPER fast and a "trickster" on her razor scooter..
she rollerskates..
when making a wish in the fountain.. she wishes to be a "ROCKSTAR"..
she loves pesto..
she loves bunnies..
she likes surprises..
she crosses her legs and puts a napkin in her lap at meals..
she likes her room messy..
she is such a happy girl..
she has a lot of trinkets, jewelry, lotions and potions..
she LOVES her family..
she makes my heart swell with love..
she is very excited to be 6..
and surprisingly..
so am i.
6 is going to be rad with this gal.

we surprised her with confetti and balloons... 

and we surprised her with disneyland..

the carousel is her favorite ride.. we went on it 4 times..

as we left the park after 12 hours of disneyland she sighs and says..
"that was seriously.. the best day eveeeeer"....
it was.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

mother's day with my sweet family

i woke up overhearing makena saying to damian "mommy is so pretty", as i peeled open my eyes i see her cute face staring down at me..
 that right there is all i needed to hear to a fabulous mother's day.. really? how sweet is that?
i was showered with gifts of sweet cards, bookmarks, drawings, journals and an AMAZING beaded clutch that i don't want to touch let alone use.. but i will!! :)
  it is stunning. everyone marched downstairs and whipped me up a wonderful breakfast
{you tube tutorial playing on the ipad on poached eggs}
 and they served it to me in bed..
something so fabulous about breakfast in bed..
don't you think?
all captured with my iphone as usual..
what would i do without my phone?


we ate lunch at my favorite spot with "beach sprawling for days" views and we then layed by the pool and swam.. swam and swam for hours..
it was so relaxing..
 having nothing to do and nowhere to go is blissful and a rare gift..
just me and my little family..
i couldn't of asked for more..

{bomb shrimp curry tacos}

i can not believe i am so honored to be the mom to these two wonderful little girls.. i hope i am doing a good job of being their mom and i hope that we will always be as close.. they are getting so big and we are both "winging" this parent thing.. i mean.. there is no manual.. no totally right or totally wrong.. i just know we LOVE them so much it hurts and i really hope that everything falls into place from there..




"happily ever after is now"
i really feel it is..
enjoy it..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

editing this..

and loving every second..

venue: scripps seaside forum la jolla california

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


 nothing quite like a morning cruise along the coast on your vintage motorcycle.. i am in awe of this job of mine.. i keep thinking my clients can't surprise me anymore, this "job" can't possible get better..
but they do, and it does.. and i do another cartwheel to celebrate.. i mean really? can this shoot be more perfect? pinch me.

Thursday, May 02, 2013


summertime is my FAVORITE! i get ants in my pants and i want to travel every second possible.. we book one camp trip a month, palm springs here and there, and little getaways in between. it is the season for backyard bbq's, bonfires, specialty cocktails, cheese plates, family beach time, WEDDINGS!!! and exploring..
summer makes me happy.. 
here are some recent pins of mine..
can you tell i am SO ready??

 i try to do this.. last year was big sur..
we are repeating that this year because we loved it so much..
have you been?
it is a magical place..


 loving this outdoor space.. it is so cozy like a room.. think i could spend hours there...

nothing like a stretch of a highway into a gorgeous sunset.. doesn't this shout california??
love it.

i am totally into one piece swimsuits for this season.. a funky print and some crazy hair.. LOVING it!