Thursday, June 30, 2011

day 25 {red)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breakfast Popsicles

So.. I am so excited about this website
it is a group of amazing san diego bloggers that blog about everything and anything you'd ever want to learn or know..
it's an amazing corner of this big ol' world wide web we spend so much time exploring and surfing..
i now have the honor of contibuting to this fabulous website here and there and so you will see some my posts on here linking you to there..
are you ok with that?
i hope you are because i sure am!
so i just posted about my breakfast popsicles..
you have seen em' before..
so really..i am now in 3 places at once..

day 24 {tomatoes}

these are going in the oven at 200 degrees for 5 hours..
they are sprinkled with sea salt and drizzled with olive oil..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

day 23 {my cozy bed}

well hello summer.
hello 10 kids in my house at any given time..  
hello dirty feet.
hello bathing suits and towels hung anywhere we can find a spot.
hello late night neighborhood parties.
hello double ear infection {in both ears}.
hello vocal chord surgery for damian.
 {voice rest for 5 days}
hello second shooting my first wedding..
hello my eyebrows are in serious need of waxing..
hello tired mama...
i have been trying to do this 30 day photo challenge and am sooo close..
i am not giving up..
i NEVER give up..
i have just had a lot on my plate this last week..
so here is a fitting photo for my photo challenge..

 day 23 {my cozy bed}

Friday, June 24, 2011

day 21 {paper} and day 22 {hippy chow}

day 22 {hippy chow}
that is what we call it.. we ate it in hawaii years ago and has been a staple ever since..
brown rice..onion, carrot, zucchini, bell pepper sauteed with teriyaki sauce and a fried egg on top..
so good.


a dear friend of mine is expecting her 3rd little boy..
i made her about 25 of these paper airplanes out of new york city maps..
her and her hubby lived there before starting a family years ago...
i thought they were cute for baby jude and meaningful for the couple...

day 20 {a plant}

i love succulents..
every color..size and shape..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

day 19 {sun flare}


when i was first learning the ins and outs of my camera and obsessing over all things photography..
i made it a priority to learn sun flare..
when that sun sneaks in the photo and blows it out a bit and gives it that hazy soft effect..
it is my FAVORITE capture..
it is a bit tricky but when you nail it.. 
it makes a beautiful photo..
here is my new favorite pal..
and her sun flare.
i love her. 
more of this shoot here

Monday, June 20, 2011

day 18 {sisters} and a quote..

i didn't write this
i do not play by all these rules 
                                          {i am guilty of being a short order cook 
that makes a couple different dinners each night for one..
shame, shame shame on me}
but i love it and want to share it..


 My curfew was the street lights.
My mom called my name, not my cell…
I played outside with friends, not online.
If I didn’t eat what my mom cooked then I didn’t eat.
Sanitizer didn’t exist, but you COULD get your mouth washed out with soap.
I rode a bike without a helmet, getting dirty was OK, and neighbors gave a damn as much as your parents did.
Pass this on if you drank water from a garden hose & survived.

and because i can NEVER write a post without a picture..
{my girls}

day 18 {sisters}

Saturday, June 18, 2011

day 17 {favorite feature} happy father's day

day 17 {favorite feature}

i love his hands because they feel so perfect in mine.
i love his hands because they have high fived me when things are awesome.. they have wiped tears from my face when they are not..
i love his hands because they slipped that ring on my finger when he asked me to marry him..
i love his hands because they drive him to work everyday where he works SO hard to provide a pretty swell life for us girls..
i love his hands because they have dialed my phone number many times..
even while i left for europe years ago and stayed for 6 months longer than i expected..
and still today.. just to say hi..
i love his hands because they color beautiful pictures with our daughters..
i love his hands because they are good at tennis, golf, basketball and even pouring a cocktail..
i love his hands because nothing feels better than when he simply places them on my knee while driving..
i love his hands because they are his.
happy father's day and thank you for asking me nearly 9 years ago..

Saturday, June 04, 2011

30 days of photos..

 So I am starting 30 days straight of photos... Starting with a self portrait no make-up! Yikes! That was actually pretty hard.. I will snap a photo a day and post it.. if you have a great idea for me, email me or leave a comment and I would love to include it in the challenge..I am so excited and would LOVE for you to snap along!

day 16 {turquoise}

day 15 {laundry}

day 14 {backyard fun}

day 13 {breakfast}
yogurt, strawberry puree and oj popsicle


day 12 {under the freeway}
surfing madonna encinitas, california


day 11 {water}

day 10 {ponytail}

day 9 {a flower}

day 8 {post-it}

day 7 {clouds}

Day 6 {can't live without}

day 5 {top drawer}
vintage teacups

 Day 4 {farm}

                                                                       day 3 {bunting}

 Day 2 {dinner}

Day 1 {self portrait, no make-up}

Friday, June 03, 2011

a fabulous lady wearing many hats.

so this lovely lady is maryam.. 
she wears many hats and they all look quite fabulous on her..
not only is she GORGEOUS but she is one of the sweetest people i have ever met..
i had the pleasure of doing her family portraits you see right there.. up top..
you can see more photos here..

she started this amazing company green you air..
they offer gorgeous plants that purify your air and look fantastic..
you have seen one in my room..
isn't it beautiful?
there is a giveaway going on with her plants..
here is THAT link..
it is another fabulous blog.. pepper design that i am addicted to as well.
it is a horrible addiction..
yikes! it is bad..
this is a good one though..
well.. there is more i want to share with you..
and you are going to LOVE this one too!
she started a style blog for nursing moms and Francescas Collections is offering her readers and pals 30% off through the month..
i wanted to share those two goodies with you..
well.. 3 including fabulous maryam..
or 4 with pepper design blog being another one!!!
enjoy and good luck!!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

polka dots

this one.
my baby.
my first born.
she is turning into her own little person.
i have been letting the leash get a tiny bit longer.
and i am not happy about it.
she is very independent by nature.
always has been.
she wants to pierce her ears.
she is in a talent show tomorrow..
talent show?
I remember MY first talent show..
she loves to read.
loves to swim..
loves to negotiate EVERYTHING..
wants more than anything to be OUT of a booster seat..
she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
she is too cute.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hello June & a Give away!

I have had this tiny corner of the world wide web for a couple of years now.
i started it to blog about my girls and our life and plan on making a big fat book out of it..
to eventually gift to my girls of their childhood..
just a picture or 2 a week and a little ramble about it..
this is where my LOVE for photography started..
i began to really love taking photos and blogging..
some family and friends read my blog and commented here and there..
my grandma is my biggest fan of my blog..
she made me promise to always keep it going.. as it is her way of keeping up with us..
fast forward a couple years..
i started photography as a side project..
and sequins and candy was born..
i am still in shock everyday that my little photo biz has been so welcomed and loved..
it is a dream come true..
{not to sound too cheesy mc cheeser pants..}

all you girls.. and guy? 
 keep coming back to read my silly rants, raves, bragging, fashion obsessions and recipes..
i want to thank you thank you thank you..
 i have started to dabble in advertising on the ol' clean up on aisle four..
and i did a little face lift in honor of june!!
and for all of you..
a giveaway too!!
see these gorgeous mini latte bowls?
they are from anthropologie and they are perfect little condiment/ice cream/latte treats carrier ever...
just leave a comment here..
"like" my facebook photog page..
and follow me right here..
kinda sounds like a lot to ask..
i will draw a winner friday..
don't be shy..
your odds are pretty good considering there are not 50 bagillion {nice number} entries!!
if anything else.. you could win the bowls and never come back..
i won't tell!!

that time of the year..

crisp sunny mornings..
dusting off the bbq..
thoughts of sprucing up the patio furniture for many nights of
al fresco dining..
planting jasmine..
longer days..
we swam in an ocean and pool all in one day..
summer is approaching..
i can just feel it.