Thursday, September 30, 2010

a relaxing oreo..

makena-"mommy.. did you know if you take the oreo and lick the inside reeeaaaallll slowly..
it is VERY relaxing..
me-"yes sweetheart.. i totally know.."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

soccer 2 yrs. later

so my big little girl.. 
is playing soccer..
damian is coaching and they are having a blast together..
she gets right in there and runs the entire time..
i remember 2 years ago when she was complaining it made her sweaty and was practicing skipping and twirling..
all while the soccer ball rolled through her legs..
they are the "dolphins" and they are so too cute for words.

Monday, September 20, 2010

photog update

i had the pleasure of photographing an amazing couple this weekend.
it was so fabulous.
i have been working hard and putting a lot of time into getting this photography going..
sessions like this make me soooo happy i decided to take the leap.
for more eye candy..

Saturday, September 18, 2010


second bee on the right..
little chloe..
she just finished her second week of preschool..
her teacher tells me as i am leaving thursday..
that today when chloe was going potty she calls out to her..
"mrs. m.. i love you but my mommy is at home all by herself.."
how amazing is it that my sweet girl is at school.. doing her business and thinking of me?? she is concerned about me.. so sweet. so so sweet.

these are a couple buddies on the block..
the crew..
they have the life let me tell ya'

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

oh.. ali

pay it forward..
an attitude i try to always have..
help a sista' out..
a deed i try to always do..

i woke up this morning, made my coffee, got makena off to school.. came home..
sat down to open up my emails..
whaaaat do i find...
an email with some action!
photoshop actions that is.. for my ohhh! so confusing, terrifying and mean photoshop..
ali became an ahhh-mazing photog right before my eyes and has been an inspiration to me since.
she is a genuine REAL gal..
no fluff..
just real...
she also makes a mean chocolate and marshmallow stuffed banana for a campfire that will leave you speechless..
she took our family photos which would be the first thing i would grab in a fire.. 
boots and cardigans probably second...
or maybe my vintage snakeskin clutch..
ok. focus.

ali..thank you for your support and generosity...
i can NOT believe the amazing gift you gave me..
so nice.

Monday, September 13, 2010


i have been missing in action..
blog action that is..
i got a new computer..
i made the switch from pc to mac...
as if that isn't enough confusion..
let's throw photoshop into the mix..
i am determined to get this down..
i will.
i will.
we have this beautiful mac and i keep plugging in the ol' laptop to get anything done..
i will be up and running soon on the newbie .
here is a picture i managed to just figure out how to find on my mac..
just found it..
like 2 minutes ago.
i may be on to something..
stay tuned

Thursday, September 09, 2010

1st day.

my little baby..
at pre-school..
she tugged at my leg...
got a bit whiny and had a tight grip when we said goodbye..
she had been counting down the days for weeks..
 and she was so brave, nervous, timid and giddy..
when i picked her up 5 hours later (ya. long time right?)
she was riding her tricycle and stopped the second she spotted me..
i missed her so much all day..
not gonna lie.. i was a hot mess..
she is my little buddy who is right by my side every single day..
all in all..
it is a really good thing..
ya know..
the school thing..
 but man am i glad we only do this 2x per week..

Thursday, September 02, 2010

tuesdays and thursdays..

the time is approaching..
my little one is starting pre-school..
she has a lunch box (tinkerbell)..
she has new clothes (bedazzled, sparkly and tulle-erific)..
she was so particular about her shoes..socks.. and exactly what she liked and DID NOT like..
twirling.. jumping and smiling at her adorable reflection in the dressing room mirror..
this little one is always by my side..
RIGHT by my side..
she is still addicted to milk..
& loves ber blankee..
she is so so so excited to start school..
i am so proud of her.
i am so proud of her confidence..
let's see just how well i.. being the ADULT..
compose myself next tuesday.
i am guessing a blabbering waaaaaay overdramatic dramatic nut case..
that is best case scenario..

grandma and grandpa..

we had a fantastic visit with grandma and grandpa... kumquat picking, lots of candy and a ton of hugs and kisses..
it is their 62nd wedding anniversary on the 4th..
he was a boxer in the navy and she stole his heart at first glance..
love is amazing..