Thursday, September 02, 2010

tuesdays and thursdays..

the time is approaching..
my little one is starting pre-school..
she has a lunch box (tinkerbell)..
she has new clothes (bedazzled, sparkly and tulle-erific)..
she was so particular about her shoes..socks.. and exactly what she liked and DID NOT like..
twirling.. jumping and smiling at her adorable reflection in the dressing room mirror..
this little one is always by my side..
RIGHT by my side..
she is still addicted to milk..
& loves ber blankee..
she is so so so excited to start school..
i am so proud of her.
i am so proud of her confidence..
let's see just how well i.. being the ADULT..
compose myself next tuesday.
i am guessing a blabbering waaaaaay overdramatic dramatic nut case..
that is best case scenario..

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