Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Long over due.. again

So I ended up on the blog today, it has been forever. Last post was forever ago and post before that was forever ago. It is hard as life is so busy and and now that the girls are older, keeping up on the blog and their privacy makes it hard too. This really is a place for memories and today when I went through the blog it made me realize how special this space it. So I decided to update. 
We moved back home from Northern California in August of 2017. We were not happy up North, girls were great, they made GREAT friends and they adapted so well.  But it just was not a lifestyle for us. We missed home,  the beaches, my fav Fish place, bike rides along the coast, my green juice, fav yoga spot, our family and friends. We just wanted to be home. 

We got lucky and moved back in the old hood and girls back to their same schools. we got SO lucky, a great place with a ocean view, now I get to see that lovely ocean I missed so much everyday from my living room. It is pretty incredible. It wasn't easy, friendships change and girls in middle school and 5th grade can be fickle. :) It all worked out and we are home. Things are different but we are home and girls are better than ever. YAY!

We got a little crazy and decided to go to Europe in Summer 2018. It was INSANE and the best time of my life. My family in my favorite place. It was incredible. We went to Paris.

We went to Positano, Italy. An absolute dream of mine. That place is heaven on earth.

Damian's first trip to Europe and I am happy to announce he caught the travel bug. 

and we went to Rome. 

An alien

 and a "Fawn with Alice.. We celebrated Halloween and I dressed up. First time in forever.

Chloe is 11 now and a full on dancer. She can't get enough and she is so smart, caring,  just a sweeeet girl. That firecracker is a big girl now.

This sweet one is 14, plays volleyball, basketball and lacrosse. She is a smarrrrrt cookie too who loves Biology and Spanish. She is little grown up and she makes my heart so happy with the lady she has become.  Really.

I will do some back tracking  and filling in, but for today, I wanted to just give a little update. I didn't like that my last post left us up North.  My goal 9 years ago when I started this blog was to have a book made for the girls. I have to say it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Looking back today had be crying and my heart aching for those slow days.. Also, here is a link to one of my favorite posts... HERE