Tuesday, November 29, 2011

pretty in pink..





i love the dreamy light of this shoot..it makes me so happy..

Monday, November 21, 2011


he is a pro at the rainbow pedicure..

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Friday, November 18, 2011

emotion through photos..

more than anything.. i love when a photo is emotional.. i am feeling emotional lately about my girls.. they are growing so big and it is kinda scary that they are all mine, little sponges that are absorbing knowledge from me.. from us.. i see myself in both of them and i sometimes love it, and sometimes do not. this time in my life is going so quickly and i find it so hard to run so fast at times..
i find inspiration everywhere for my work and when i see photos like these few..
it makes me hungry to take a photo and overly ecstatic to be a mom to my beautiful daughters...

photo credits.. the glow. sequinsandcandy. pinterest. jaimelackey

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

bar carts.

i am loving the idea of bar carts..
i don't know if it is the chilly weather, the holidays approaching, maybe it is the show we are obsessed with mad men or maybe i am just that sophisticated..
{we all know that last one is so NOT true}
here are some of my favorites..

this one doesn't really have that much going on and i think the simplicity of it so fabulous.. 

this one is full of choices.. it would be so tough to decide.. but that is not a bad thing..

this one is just beautiful..
all the bright labels,  the gorgeous cobalt blue glasses, the vintage and modern mix to this one wins my vote..
and i love that it is so feminine with those stunning PINK roses..
MY bar cart would def have roses {or peonies}..

i love the quirky chic-ness of this one..
the fun elk shot glasses, cool 50's housewife napkins and the fab watch dog..
this was a client who's wedding i photographed and their apartment and style was total eye candy..

 and these glasses..

and stemless is always a winner in my book..
champagne cocktails are among my favorites..

how are amazing these labels?
and the name?

i think a mix of vintage with modern is the way to go..
this vintage bar set sitting on this tray..

what do you think?
do you have a bar cart?
would you come over for a cocktail if i had one?

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

{Luluka} my latest obsession

i am obsessed with pretty, delicate gold jewelry..
i wear 2 necklaces at once and i love changing them up..
i came across this etsy shop, luluka and LOVED the chic designs she offers..
all the pieces are handmade by her and are just so beautiful..
these are fabulous gifts for you or a friend..
probably you.
but it is never too early to start christmas shopping.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Holiday Sessions

PS- I just added Dec 3rd and 4th to my schedule for Holiday Photo sessions.. You can see the details HERE..

gracias, danke, merci, thank you... :)

lately.. i can't say no to sparkle.

i have seen a few versions of fabulous glitter boots in magazines and on blogs..
i loooove them
i saw this photo and the search began.. only to find..
these here are $890
and these here  are $590

so as stubborn as i am..
i bought a pair of tan suede booties and decided to "make them myself"..
insert eye roll here..
i love love love loved the "pretty suede with perfect wood heel go with anything in my closet looking boot".. i almost don't take the plunge...
i have had the glitter and goodies for a couple weeks..
i went for it..
and i am in love.
here is step by step..

sparkle makes everything better.
don't you think?

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Friday, November 04, 2011

a rainy friday

one of my favorite photos for this friday..
how adorable would this be for a christmas card?
i am loving black and white photos lately..
this one is just not nearly as adorable in color..

so today it is rainy and a good day for making some soup..
we are not going to dance class today because c didn't want to wear her clean tutu's..
she apparently only likes and will wear the 2 that are dirty..

on that note.. this is my to do list..
i framed a leftover piece of my headboard fabric and am using it as a white board..
i love it.
the girls do too as you can see from their doodles..
so as for my to do list..
i am blogging now, there is a load of laundry in and i have actually already showered..
not too shabby...

i have sold a few pies and THANK YOU to everyone who donated!! it is a great cause and it is not too late to buy a pie.. the pies are donated by local bakeries.. it is so nice to work with such giving people..
i am honored to be a part of this..
the link to buy is that bright orange ad over here --------->
1 pie is 6 meals donated to a family in need..

how adorable and beautiful is this photo?
it is date night tonight for me and hubby..
maybe i will do a cat eye and messy up do?
probably not..
i am not to savvy with the liquid eyeliner {let's be real}
but i do really love this look..
happy friday..

photo credits #2 101cookbooks 
                       #5 this is glamorous

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Before and After

i thought it would be fun to show you a before and after photo.. i do not do a lot in post processing but i do some tweaking with curves and levels and i warm up the skin a bit usually in photoshop..
this is an adorable shot.. she is looking down and giggling which i love and the color and clarity is great..
how about that bird poop on the vase?
i didn't even notice it i was so into her..
isn't she ADORABLE?

so here is after.
brighter, warmer and no bird poop..
 what do you think?
and how about this shot of her??

she was such a BURST of fun..
her and big brother!!
i love my job!!

some halloween favs.

 can you tell they LOVED their costumes?

this is my fav piece of art ever.. a hippo unicorn? how creative is that?

i am in love with this white pumpkin.. the girls call it the cinderella pumpkin..

this pumpkin ale from trader joe's is SO good..

little c decorated a pumpkin with glitter, feathers, paint, stickers and beads..

our spooky pumpkins...
the girls got a ton of candy and i have actually eaten a reeses peanut butter cup for breakfast every morning..
someone has to make sure the girls don't eat it all?