Tuesday, November 15, 2011

bar carts.

i am loving the idea of bar carts..
i don't know if it is the chilly weather, the holidays approaching, maybe it is the show we are obsessed with mad men or maybe i am just that sophisticated..
{we all know that last one is so NOT true}
here are some of my favorites..

this one doesn't really have that much going on and i think the simplicity of it so fabulous.. 

this one is full of choices.. it would be so tough to decide.. but that is not a bad thing..

this one is just beautiful..
all the bright labels,  the gorgeous cobalt blue glasses, the vintage and modern mix to this one wins my vote..
and i love that it is so feminine with those stunning PINK roses..
MY bar cart would def have roses {or peonies}..

i love the quirky chic-ness of this one..
the fun elk shot glasses, cool 50's housewife napkins and the fab watch dog..
this was a client who's wedding i photographed and their apartment and style was total eye candy..

 and these glasses..

and stemless is always a winner in my book..
champagne cocktails are among my favorites..

how are amazing these labels?
and the name?

i think a mix of vintage with modern is the way to go..
this vintage bar set sitting on this tray..

what do you think?
do you have a bar cart?
would you come over for a cocktail if i had one?

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