Wednesday, December 22, 2010

raining.. it's pouring..

the sun peeked out for juuust a bit today.. we drew up the blinds to just take it in..
the girls were being so silly..
cabin fever for sure..
i snapped some pictures because the light was just so amazing..
and they were so giggly..
love it.
i am taking a blog/email/facebook break to revel in these girls and my hubby..
scrabble, zingo, jam making..
the good stuff.
merry christmas and i will see you after the new year!

Friday, December 17, 2010


i had the flu!!!!!!
for 3 days i layed in bed.
oh! it was awful.
then makena got sick.
so makena, chloe and i all layed in bed and damian was our nurse.
i always joke and say.. i wish I could get sick and laaayy in bed all day.
i take it back. all of it.. didn't mean a word of that nonsense.
so. here is to our flu shot every year!!! first one in line...
since i can't or WON'T do a post of us in bed with the flu..
here is one of some vintage teacup candles i made..
not while sick. before that :)
i love them.
they are going to be hard to give away..
but that's when you know it really is a good gift..

i need to trim that wick!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


we had our visit with santa..
this is the first year they BOTH sat on his lap..
chloe had a lot to say..
makena, not so much..
he asked her to write him a letter..

Friday, December 10, 2010

elf on a shelf..

so this little elf appears.. he sits and watches.. he leaves every night and reports to santa whether you have been good or bad then returns the next day in a different spot and you must search for him.. you can't touch him because he will lose his power..

this is serious business my friends..
makena has been an ANGEL..
yes mommy..
ok mommy..
don't say that too loud or he will hear you daddy..
she ooooo's and awwwwes..
he is sooooo cute...
chloe on the other hand is deathly afraid of him..
won't go near him..
wants him to go back to the north pole..
we had to ask him to stay in the play room only..
he can't go upstairs..
all sorts of rules..
i think she is coming around..
ahh hemm- i think??
we named him jacob and he is our elf on the shelf..
right now he is in the christmas tree above a cupcake ornament..
tomorrow maybe the book shelf..

Monday, December 06, 2010

i love that...

she "pretends to be mommy"
my favorite treat makes a beautiful ornament too..

poinsettias make the whole house so festive...
{a wonderful friend of mine brought this over and i love it every single day}..

this fortune was in my cookie..
"use your abilities at this time to stay focused on your goal. you will succeed"

it feels good to give..
we adopted a family for christmas through makena's school and bought some clothes, food, etc..
it was priceless to see the girls picking stuff out. 
they were very particular.
we lllllllllooovvveeee nutella around here.
so makena's reasoning for getting the little boy our fav treat was.. 
"he would probably ask his mom every morning for nutella on his toast"
so we hooked him up with the JUMBO size.
the girl knows...
i mean how excited would you be to get a jumbo nutella?