Friday, December 10, 2010

elf on a shelf..

so this little elf appears.. he sits and watches.. he leaves every night and reports to santa whether you have been good or bad then returns the next day in a different spot and you must search for him.. you can't touch him because he will lose his power..

this is serious business my friends..
makena has been an ANGEL..
yes mommy..
ok mommy..
don't say that too loud or he will hear you daddy..
she ooooo's and awwwwes..
he is sooooo cute...
chloe on the other hand is deathly afraid of him..
won't go near him..
wants him to go back to the north pole..
we had to ask him to stay in the play room only..
he can't go upstairs..
all sorts of rules..
i think she is coming around..
ahh hemm- i think??
we named him jacob and he is our elf on the shelf..
right now he is in the christmas tree above a cupcake ornament..
tomorrow maybe the book shelf..

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