Thursday, August 22, 2013

wedding dress.

This is a favorite dress shot of mine.. I am pretty sure I love it madly..
with it's glorious ruffles and this art with it's pastel goodness..
it is a match made in heaven..

Thursday, August 01, 2013

instagram, pinterest and our summer

we have been FULL of fun over here.. i mean NON-STOP fun.. we have 4 weeks left of summer and the girls have been staying up late, sleeping in, swimming, playing, riding, slip n' sliding.. i mean crazy. if you do not follow me on instagram, i would love for you to! i snap at least a photo a day.. i mean obviously... i LOVE photos! here are a few. {all photos shot with iphone 5}


we started our summer off with a camping trip to big sur.. i unplugged, took hardly any photos and was IN THE MOMENT with my family.
it was so amazing. i felt like i froze time.

soccer season has begun.. 

had a date night with the hubs.

trying to get "zen"...


jazz in the park.. a summer must 'do"..
we LOVE it!

painted some giant chevron in the powder room.. thank goodness for friends with patience and math skills..
  {angela i love you}

bonfires are the best..

she is on her way to being a rockstar.. slllllooowwwlllyy but surely..

a birthday party beach cake.. made from donuts.. it was a total hit!

i attended a fun paper flower making workshop by the queen of flowers..

this is hours of fun.. zipping around in the cul de sac..
best birthday gift from the grandparents

and i just invested in a julienne peeler and it is the greatest thing ever.. 
perfect for those yummy fresh summer dishes..

man. i love summer.

are you on pinterest? i am! please come follow me. this is my most popular pin right now
 {almost 3000 pins!}
it is so awesome to see what people are pinning, loving and coveting.. 
i get SO much inspiration from pinterest.