Monday, September 28, 2009

those boys..

"seriously at lunch there were 2 boys on each side of me and they were NOT talking nice. they were saying the more you pee, the more you eat and just not talking nice! it was so annoying i couldn't even finish my lunch! i asked to be excused and it was just So annoying!"

is she 15 or 5??
seriously.. i can't tell..
does anyone remember this fish costume from when she was 1??
if not..


Sunday, September 27, 2009

private blog.

so i decided to make the blog private. i have been going back and forth for awhile and i just think i will feel a bit more at ease..
out of respect for my girls ecspecially when they are old enough to say to me ..
"mmoooooommmmm, i can't believe you said that"..
now i know who i invited to read and i know everything is safe from weirdos! :0)
i am planning on making this blog into a book as a keepsake for the girls and it really is a journal so we never forget these amazing, crazy, wonderful times.
thank you so much for reading and i get so happy when i hear my friends and family comment on how they love reading the blog..
(my grandma ecspecially)
it really inspires me to keep it up! so really..
thanks for being here!

what was his favorite thing about his birthday?

was it the fresh squeezed orange juice makena was ecstatic to make??

was it his breakfast in bed? these were the best eggs yet i have "fried"..
and yes, he ate 1lb of bacon!
was it not having to wash the car this weekend??

by the looks on the girls faces, i think the drive through was up there with disneyland...

really? i mean, makena looks like she is in love...

was it playing minature golf for the first time as a family?

was it teaching makena how to hold the golf club?

was it watching chloe squeal in delight and run after every ball once it went rolling..

was it seeing this shirtless man playing one hole behind us the ENTIRE time?

was it when the girls made the last hole and didn't get their ball back, they shoved their clubs in the hole too?

was it the chocolate cake with mint ice cream?

Happy Birthday Sweetie!
I love You!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

she graduated..

to a toddler bed..
chloe is now sleeping here..
(thank you to the lovely nicole b. and her thoughtfulness..)
and should i mention she is juuuusst about potty trained too..
is there a pause button somewhere i can push?
is there??

Saturday, September 19, 2009

i dream of yellow and sequins

i have been dreaming of a owning a yellow vespa for quite some time..
and now i am dreaming of owning this vintage green sequin jacket...
when i came across this pic on my daily sartorialist fix this morning, my heart skipped a beat..

Monday, September 14, 2009

hobo baby

i turned the corner to find my little newly bobbed hair, chocolate face hobo girl trying to make a call carrying a vintage bag o' tricks and rocking a sassy pink hat..

Friday, September 11, 2009

100th post!!

my little fashionista is a lover of vintage heels too!!
she flipped out when she came across these in my closet..
i am totally loooooving that...

ps- this is post #100! thanks for sticking around :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 more and i am done..

just a couple more outfits and i am done..

it is just so fun dressing the girls.. well, makena anyway..
chloe is still in her SAME 5 dresses only phase..
i did figure out that the dresses MUST twirl or they are out, never to be worn again..
good to know next time we attempt to buy her some new "pretties"..

makena is getting pretty good at the skateboard, she practices in the garage..

2nd time is a charm

remember here??
well, we got our new vial of larvae for our butterflies a week ago and i switched them out without anyone knowing.. sneaky huh??
so these new guys were way more active, climbed to the top, hung for a couple days and formed their chrysalis..yay!
we transfered them yesterday to this mesh cage and pinned them to the top. if you click on the picture, you can get a real close up.. it is a hard shell they form.. so cool. 7-10 days we should have our butterflies to set free!! :)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


my new book. i am soooo excited to pore over these amazing portraits..

My obsession with this blog here is no secret.. He (Scott Schuman) just published his first book which will be my next book buy. He had a post a couple weeks back about his collection of books and inspirations and this was his first and favorite sooooo I bought it. Steve McCurry is the amazing talented photographer who has for the last 20 years worked for the "National Geographic" and other publications on numerous assignments: along the Afghan border, in Baghdad, Beirut and the Sahel. His coverage of the monsoon won first prize in the World Press Awards, and was part of his portfolio when he was named Magazine Photographer of the Year in 1984.

Each photo is so full of emotion, it is amazing..

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Happy Anniversary to us!
7 years ago today we were in Maui saying our vows..
I can't believe it has been 7 years...
I not only LOVE you more and more every year..
I LIKE you more and more every year...
I really do LIKE you...
Thank you for asking me to spend the rest of my life with you.
Thank you for loving me as much as you do.
Thank you for being my best friend.
Thank you for giving me 2 beautiful daughters.
Thank you for taking pride in being a fantastic dad. (you have that in the bag)
Thank you for trying sushi when you hate it.
Thank you for learning to love, well.. like wine..
Thank you for not being afraid of housework or diapers..
Thank you for setting the tivo for my shows without me asking..
Thank you for showing up at the airport on my way home from europe after 7 months..
with a bag of blue skittles..
I. L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.

Friday, September 04, 2009

day 3

as you can see, she is juuuuust about over these fashion photos.. her face is hilarious.
this is a denim chambray dress with cute little ruffles and these adorable buttons..
this one is my fav..
so, she absolutely looooves school..
she said she wants to be in kindergarten forever.. (me too)

tonight we made our usual friday night pizza and the girls are pros now..

chloe made cheese and makena made red pepper, onion and basil...

sorry i don't have an after pic.. the house got crazy (as usual)
and the pizza was gobbled in about 5 seconds..
i love fridays.
(ps- don't worry, chloe peeks for a real quick second and is very scared of touching the "HAAAAAT" oven, notice her hands on her thighs.)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

day 2

pink chucks make her smile..
and they make her twirl..
go figure!

and.. here is makena's 1st homework assignment. to decorate a gingerbread man.. she glued fabric as a dress, made a purse and gave her a ribbon in her hair. all i did was tie the bow.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

wait.. stop...

come back..

so. there she is..
running off to her first day of kindergarten....
(that is her teacher standing right next to the door wearing white)

a letter from her teacher..
i am sure i do not have to tell you i cried like a baby..
sometimes i feel makena and i should switch places.. she is more of the adult a lot of the time..

trottin' along with her backpack, lunchbox and new kicks..
so cute.. i can't look

i will park..
then walk her all the way to class everyday..
and do the same when i pick her up everyday..
i could just drive through this "drop off"..
i want to be with her as long as i can..

seriously... wouldn't you?
ps- i am going to do a post everyday of her outfit for the next week (or so)..
sorry, i can't help it...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


last night we went to an ice cream social at makena's new school..
to meet her teacher..
see her class and..
ya, i cried when i entered the class..

she is sooo excited..

she put together this adorable outfit, headband and all..
the classroom is amazing..

her teacher is sooo sweet..

she starts tomorrow..



we went on a little last minute "staycation"...
we drove 2 hours to 109 degree heat in palm springs to meet our friends for some splish, splash, tubing, water slide f.u.n....

makena loved my poolside hat..

chloe was a fish...

she was happy as could be jumping for hours into the pool and climbing out..

over and over...and over again

really makena?

tubing then later she went down the BIG water slide..

sooo officially a BIG girl..


the crew waiting for makena to shoot out of the water slide...

sunkissed and sooo sleepy..

on the drive home chloe fell asleep with a chip in her mouth (ya.. really,she did) while i snapped away at the amazing windmills....

i handed the camera over to makena and she is FOR SURE a natural photog..
she took this one of me...

and this one of our scenery.. really? makena?~

i am framing it.

late night date

damian worked late 2 nights last week. ..
he was going nuts not being able to see the girls...
he leaves before we are up..
2 nights this week they were tucked into bed snoozing the night away by the time he got home..
2nd night little chloe heard his voice and started calling..
damian sprinted into the room..
she worked her magic and got a late night date with daddy..

a date of twirling, swinging..

giggling and cuddling...
hugging and gabbing..
she slept in that next morning until 9:00..