Sunday, September 27, 2009

what was his favorite thing about his birthday?

was it the fresh squeezed orange juice makena was ecstatic to make??

was it his breakfast in bed? these were the best eggs yet i have "fried"..
and yes, he ate 1lb of bacon!
was it not having to wash the car this weekend??

by the looks on the girls faces, i think the drive through was up there with disneyland...

really? i mean, makena looks like she is in love...

was it playing minature golf for the first time as a family?

was it teaching makena how to hold the golf club?

was it watching chloe squeal in delight and run after every ball once it went rolling..

was it seeing this shirtless man playing one hole behind us the ENTIRE time?

was it when the girls made the last hole and didn't get their ball back, they shoved their clubs in the hole too?

was it the chocolate cake with mint ice cream?

Happy Birthday Sweetie!
I love You!


ali said...

wow. i celebrated my birthday in the wrong house. I am coming over there next year. my present was poop that jack smeared all over his carpet and walls. sweet.

glad it was a great day for a great guy!

Anonymous said...

So so cute!