Tuesday, January 31, 2012

hermes cuff.

so this weekend we were all in the car going for a little drive along the coast..
adele is playing on the radio and girls are coloring in the backseat..
{a rare and quiet moment}
we drive past this street in encinitas called hermes..
i turn to damian and say..
"it would be so cool to live on hermes.. i would pronounce it "hermes"
{i say it in my frenchest of french accent}.. 
not HERM-E-ssss.."
he in turn says to me " ya.. then there is this street cuff, we could live on hermes cuff"..
we start cracking up..
i turned and look at him..
in his black ny yankee hat.. a total guys guy.. but who drives a prius, uses reuseable grocery bags but who also plays golf, drinks scotch and reads yahoo finance..
who ALSO.
understands that there IS such a thing as a hermes cuff..
he. is. perfect.
i mean really? hermes cuff?
how dang sweet is that?
underneath my shaded raybans i just gazed at him while he drove..
it was just one of those perfect moments..
hermes cuff.
so brilliant.

{ps- this photo was taken on our honeymoon in kauai, 9 years ago and i love the way i am looking at him}

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Giveaway!

Today I am so excited to let you all in on an amazing product I recently discovered..
they funny thing is, I discovered these from a couple friends of mine that love them, swore by them and told me I had to have them. So.. I went to buy some and it turns out..I know Marlo the girl who makes them and is the mastermind behind these beauties.. we used to work at Anthropologie together.. I can not tell you the amount of talent and creativity that oozes from the employees there.. I have an AMAZING group of girls that we all got to know and love eachother working there and we still get together and keep in touch..
I love them with all my heart...
ok. enough of my gushing..
Long story short, I bought some hair ties, went home, contacted Marlo and she offered to do a giveaway right here on the ol' blog.. 
3 of you will will a pack of these little jewels..
not just 1 but 3 winners!
Pretty good odds my friends!
You will LOVE these hair ties.. they are adorable, look fancier than an ugly hair tie, even on your wrist, no kinks in your hair from wearing a pony all day, no tearing your hair trying to get it out of your hair {or your daughters hair.. the drama!!!},  it really just sliiiides out, it adds just a bit of something special to your basic bun.. or messy in my case..
they are handmade by Marlo locally in Cardiff.. she sells them all over boutiques all around town.. for a full list where..

all you have to do to enter is..
and finally..
Leave a comment here on the blog.
if you want extra credit {meaning another entry} or if you already like both facebook pages..
sign up for email alerts to my blog over there -------->
Good Luck my dear friends and spread the word!
I will be picking a winner via random.org on Thursday!
Now for some photos..
I can never post without photos...

Friday, January 27, 2012

friday favorites

my hubby on a swing at the park..
not going to kid here.
i get nauseous on a swing..
but at least i can sit on one a take photos ah-hem.. right?..
really? nauseous on a swing?
{such a dork!}

this little corner of our house..
it is a perfect combination of us.
we could be a young family in their 30's or a couple in their 70's..
records, books and cocktails...

making fresh smoothies at home..
starting with rinsing beautiful strawberries in an adorable green colander..

i love watching the girls sleep..
they are so precious..

beautiful hikes and when the light is dreamy..

and i have found the perfect hair ties..
here is my big messy bun that is my usual fancy hair-do and these hair ties add the perfect bit of fancy to my do..
it's the small things that make me happy..
there will be a great giveaway here on monday!
yes. 3 readers will win a set..
thanks to marlo and her fabulousness..
so see you then..
you have to check these out.. they are amazing!
happy friday!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

love notes..

makena writes these notes to us..
sometimes they are wrapped in a bag with tissue..
sometimes they are sitting at my desk in the perfect place..
sometimes they are sitting unfinished on her art table..
i love these notes with all my heart..
i am madly in love with that little girl..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

eye candy..

it's like little pieces of candy.. all different flavors, colors and sizes..
i love candy.

Monday, January 23, 2012

wanderlust... greece.

i came across these photos this weekend and realized, all i have are actual photos, no negatives, no digital files, just a gorgeous piece of paper and ink nostalgia..
so i scanned them and am putting them right here on the little blog for safe keeping..
santorini greece my top 3 favorite spot traveled to..
it is a magical place.
people gather to watch the famous sunset and it is the dreamiest place in the world..

stay tuned..
i scanned a few more beautiful travel photos.. 
coming to a blog near you..
{ps-these were all taken with a point and shoot 11 years ago}


me again.. cliff jumping.

Friday, January 20, 2012

mother nature.

Warwickshire bluebell wood

isn't she stunning?
happy friday!

photo credit: gethin thomas

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


my photography as well as the amazing gorgeousness and creativity of many, many others is featured on the wonderful style me pretty today for adrianna and jerome's gorgeous wedding..
i am so honored.
soooo honored.
{and do you see my fancy new ad button on the right over there?}
yes. "seen on style me pretty" ------->
i am so over the moon with pride.
my 15 minutes...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


i suddenly got the camping bug a few weeks back. i can remember camping when i was little and most people you talk to about camping, have great memories of their childhood and camping. 
before we decided to have kids the one thing i really thought about was i wanted to be young-ish when we started because i wanted to travel and be full of zest for an adventure when the kids are old enough. i suddenly feel. we are there. 
i have traveled a lot, i have lived in europe and i have been all over the world.
i LOVE to travel.
jetting off to the south of france or flying to lake como..
  are not happenin'.. {yet}
we bought a vintage {pretty word for older} pop-up camper and we are embracing the camping adventure..
i am so excited..
{first of all to make her pretty.. re-upholstering the couches pronto}
but more so..
 the places we will go.. 
i am not the "be scared of bears and not showering for days brave camper mrs."..
we have a looong stretch of coastline to discover and lots of fun to be had.
scrabble. hiking. campfires. smores. surfing. a clothesline full of beach towels and bathing suits. and pictures galore.
i'll take it anyday.

Monday, January 16, 2012


i just ordered this photo on canvas for my home.
i just think it is fabulous.
so random.
but you know when you see something and you just REALLY love it?
this photo was on of those things.
you love what you love and why ask why?

Friday, January 13, 2012

and they're off..


happy friday lovelies..
have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

hummus.. sort of?

so we made hummus.. well it's not really "hummus".. there is no tahini in it..but it tasted delish, we gobbled it up and it was E.A.S.Y...
my ears perk up when i hear easy..

here are my ingredients..
a can of garbanzo beans..
a tsp-ish of garlic..
4 tsp-ish of sundried tomatoes..
olive oil swirled and swirled until it made the food processor go around..
and a bit of water..

she thought it needed a TINY bit of salt..
so we added some..
{she is very calculated and always thinking.. i love it}

one at a time.. 
they are quite patient..

then this one decided to take all the seeds out of a red pepper i sliced up earlier..
and decided to plant it in the backyard..
{she loses interest quickly and always has great ideas.. i love it}..


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


these plants make me happy. 
they are next to my sink and i feel like they are jewelry in my kitchen.
i do not have a green thumb.
i mean.
at. all.
they sit there.. when the soil looks really dry i run some water over them.
they seem to be as happy as can be.
do you know what is even better about these plants?
they are proven by NASA to filter the toxins out of your home..
it is a proven fact.
having these plants is kinda like having your cake.. and eating it too..
they are BEAUTIFUL and they provide a cleaner environment.
i have a big fortis plant in a white pot in my living room too..
you can get one of these or many other selections over here at green your air.
you have heard me talk about green your air before.
maryam is fabulous in many, many ways.
i love her.
and her amazing company..
you can check her out here
until january 22nd.. 
all of you lucky readers can get 25% off by entering FAWNC25 at checkout.. 
yippy skippy!

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Monday, January 09, 2012


i bought one of these organizers for my jewelry and i just wanted to tell you allllll about it.. it makes me very happy and it is SO simple.
my dresser is less crazy, i can find what i am looking for and i am wearing pieces i forgot i had!
it's the little things that give me great, great pleasure..
i got mine here.

photo credit. glamourai

Thursday, January 05, 2012

different but the same.



they are both so different.. 
but so much the same.
you can even just tell by these photos.. 
they are sisters and i hope they are always close..
they bicker like crazy or love like crazy..
they stick up for each other.
they fall asleep giggling together..
{they choose to share a room although they can be separate}
one is a good eater. one is not..
one likes soccer.. one likes barbies..
one wears red ballet flats.. one wears converse..
both have blonde hair..
one has hazel eyes.. one has blue..
one has lost 8 teeth.. one THINKS she has a wiggly one..
one loves math..both love to color..
one loves pink.. one loves BLUE and pink..
both love spongebob.
both love legos..
these girls stole my heart like i never thought possible.
a mother's love is a pretty fabulous thing.

Monday, January 02, 2012

37 families...

in 2011..
  i shot 37 families, 4 weddings, 2 websites and 1 event.
i felt a bit crazy at times..
my business goal this year is not to work more.. 
but to work smarter.. 
my personal goal is to spend less..
and travel more..
stop, look around and smell those roses..
they are pretty sweet..


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