Thursday, March 29, 2012

balloons of love..

it was a crisp and sunny day.. spring was definitley in the air.. as well as love.. 
for sure love was in the air..
allison and carter snuggled, held hands, and just ooozed love.. they were the easiest, mellow and carefree couple to work with.. later to find out allison tells me they were both so nervous.. you would NEVER know it by these photos.. 
they are beautiful and natural..
naturally beautiful..


how handsome is carter and that smirk.. seriously!
and her shoes? 

this field was so dreamy.. i could of JUST shot there and been happy happy happy.. 


.. how in love and GORGEOUS are they?




isn't she so stunning..


i am tickled pink that i get to shoot this amazing couple again.. yes... their wedding.. can't wait!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

gorgeous pasta..

beet pesto. 
so a friend of mine lara.. is an amazing cook.. she is full of inspiration.. always doing something new and she just throws it together like it is no big deal..
she forwarded this recipe to me years ago because if you know me, you know..
 i love beets! 
i made this beet pesto one time.
one time and forgot all about it... see my post here.. the other day she brought up the good stuff again.. she had made it and i immediatley craved it.. 
 so i happen to have some beets in my fridge.. so give me a couple days to keep craving it and i finally  made some beet pesto.. don't you love a friend that INSPIRES you? i do..
  and here are the photos i took of the GORGEOUS dish.. 
{i have to add that these photos are straight out of camera.. no photo shopping.. that color is the real deal}
i tossed the beet pesto with whole grain pasta and sprinkled some parm cheese on top.. 
easy and effortless..
you would think my girls would be alll over it.. {especially c..} but..
they won't go near it..
more for me i say..

Friday, March 23, 2012

my week..

first off.. i plan on this combo to start off my weekend..

 to sum up my crazy week right now....

did you see that andy and tracey's engagement session was featured on project wedding this week?
i am so honored and again, speechless!
you can check it out here if you are so inclined..
such a big juicy cherry on top to get featured..

i actually got a couple photos of my girls this week..
you see.. this blog used to be allll about them..
all about our silly life..
for 3 years..
well now..
that silly has gotten a bit crazy and i really can't get them to sit still long enough to snap a photo..
And it is odd that big daddy camera comes out anyway.. Well, besides a shoot..
this week though I took that there one up top of makena..

makena is a thinker, a negotiator and a social butterfly..
she loves to be the leader and she is very sensitive..
she is the sweetest of sweet..
her fav food is tuna on a hawaiian roll and loves to gorge on junk food if given the opportunity..
her fav outfit is leggings, a tshirt and her converse high tops..

and this one..

chloe is so full of energy.. she is loud and silly..
she has an imagination like you wouldn't believe..
she thinks her hair really glows like rapunzel's under water and her fav food is pesto..
on anything.
i mean anything.
her favorite thing to wear is cheetah anything and her glitter toms..

love those girlies..

hubby and i are planning a very special vacation..
it is our 10 year anniversary later this year..
i can not imagine topping our 9 year..
remember it here?
and can you believe 10 years?
time flies..
any suggestions of somewhere fabulous?
i would LOVE to hear..

when i lived in europe.. i used to make coffee every morning in my french press and is was delicious.. i savored it and i miss that..
i love my push of a button keurig but there is something about scooping your coffee grounds into a french press and plunging the water just to pour the perfect cup..
it's the little things..
so don't be surprised next time you are over for a coffee date and i serve you a delicious cup of coffee from my new french press..


have a lovely weekend friends..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

just a sweet thought..

and the mermaids too? 

Monday, March 19, 2012

electricity and pink bubbles..

this weekend it rained basically every second..
that is ok i guess.. we need the rain..
i started the weekend off with truffle popcorn and good wine with some girlfriends..
yum. my fav place to eat at the moment..

 hubby and i watched billy elliot on saturday night..
one of our favorite movies..
we own it and haven't watched it in a few years and it's amazing to see it now and in a whole new light..
a few years ago i loved it because their accents are fabulous, the humor is hilarious, it takes place in london and how cute is he? the ballet, the music..
now, i see a devoted father who wants to give his son a chance.. a tough dad and his sensitive side..
how you can be so passionate about something..
i cried a million times and my favorite part is when he said he feels electricity when he dances..
if you haven't seen this movie.. you must!
Billy Elliot Pictures, Images and Photos

have you seen the spread in april issue of vogue with kate moss?
shot in the ritz in paris.
love it! and i LOVE these pink bubbles..
how and where do i get some?
tim walker {the photographer} is ahhh-mazing..

i am obsessed with lace these days.. not sure if it is all the weddings coming up and i am contantly looking at bridal magazines and blogs or if it is just a new crush..
either way.. i am loving a dress, skirt, or top in a pretty lace of any shade..

i took some photos of the girls wearing my wedding dress.. so sweet to have framed and shown on their wedding day.. i will have more up later.. 

one of my favorite blogs  had an AMAZING post titled icons and inspiration..
a friend forwarded it to me and i couldn't scroll down fast enough to see the next photo or quote..
this is one of my favs. 

photo credit: photobucket thisisglamorous sequinsandcandy

Monday, March 12, 2012

sun-kissed on a row boat

andy and tracey are one of those couples that are so easy going.. you feel like you have known them forever..
we met up at the concession stand at the lake and hurried off to the boats with wide smiles..
andy was a trooper about rowing.. i had him going in circles as i directed where i exactly wanted the light..
{i can get bossy.. sort of..i mean not really.}
i am not the most graceful of girls so the fact i didn't fall in the lake really is a miracle..
tracey looked gorgeous every which way she turned and her stunning blue eyes made my camera blush..
it was the most beautiful day, the water was calm and i felt like we were on a little vacation..
the sun kissed these lovebirds perfectly and i was sad when our session was over..
i will be photographing andy and tracey's wedding in october and..
i can NOT wait..
















are they not so fabulous?
ahh! love them!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

row. boat.

this engagement session was SO dreamy and SO fun.. 
yes. i cruised around with two lovebirds.. in a row boat and smiled widely as i snapped and snapped away.... 
 {thank you from the bottom of my heart andy for not dumping me and my camera in the lake}..
and friends?
wait until you see this gorgeous bride..
just. wait.

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Monday, March 05, 2012

wanderlust.. italia..

did you have a fabulous weekend? go anywhere special?
i had a great shoot in a dreamy field with a vintage chair.. perfect combo huh? {stay tuned}
 otherwise.. a pretty mellow weekend with GORGEOUS weather..
so for your fabulous monday..
i am going to take you to italy..
 this is a scanned photo i took in cinque terre italy years ago.. this was my # 2 favorite spot ever traveled..

cinque terre is 5 fishing villages on the coast in italy.. no cars.. you go by train or hike..
i remember beautiful hikes along the gorgeous cliffs among olive trees draping with nets to catch those little bursts of deliciousness.. and the scent of jasmine doing cartwheels through the crisp air.. i drank amazing wine with lunch {yes. lunch} and i tasted olive tapenade for the first time.. and i have never looked back.. {sooo good}
 and in the mornings i always ordered a cafe americano and a small glass of peach juice..
there were these 2 men that sat on wine crates and played cards every morning and i remember finding them so peaceful..

there are very few things as sweet as italia..

Friday, March 02, 2012

friday.. again!

this week has FLOWN by..
not sure why..
i actually was not that busy..
hence.. a clean{er} house and i have been cooking..

i did a site visit where i will be shooting a wedding here..

 the darlington house in la jolla.. it was gorgeous!

do you read the sartorialist? he is an amazing street photographer and i have followed him for years..
he has a tag titled "all the pretty photographers"..
and "bicycles"

i love it..

and then.. he has garance.. his girlfriend.. who puts the capital C in Chic...

i have been on a roasting veggies kick lately..

. all kinds.. all colors.. shapes and sizes..
my lovely friend angela dropped off a bowl of this dish the other night and i found myself craving it again.. the very next night.. 
so off to the store i went..
 i diced up onion, red pepper, eggplant and asparagus..
threw it in a baking dish and
i tossed veggies with olive oil, some salt, and some pepper..
roasted at 375 degrees for 45 ish minutes..
meanwhile.. i boiled a box of orzo pasta..
8 minutes pasta is done..
drained the pasta and i tossed my roasted veggies in with the orzo and sprinkled in some feta.
it was delicious!

next up.. brussel sprouts!!
i promise.. SO good..
i can NOT get enough..
and aren't they so pretty?

trimmed off the ends and cut then in half..
threw them in a baking dish with olive oil, salt and pepper..

baked for 45 minutes and them sprinkled sea salt and drizzled with half a lemon..
{those little burnt leaves are my fav}

and lastly..
i am obsessed with dark walls right now..
i recently painted a chalkboard wall in my kitchen and i am convinced that dark grey that comes straight out of the home depot can.. off the shelf can.. is perfection..
i want to paint it everywhere..
here it is in a bedroom..

runner up..
 is a dark blue wall..

happy friday again friends.. have a fabulous weekend..