Friday, March 02, 2012

friday.. again!

this week has FLOWN by..
not sure why..
i actually was not that busy..
hence.. a clean{er} house and i have been cooking..

i did a site visit where i will be shooting a wedding here..

 the darlington house in la jolla.. it was gorgeous!

do you read the sartorialist? he is an amazing street photographer and i have followed him for years..
he has a tag titled "all the pretty photographers"..
and "bicycles"

i love it..

and then.. he has garance.. his girlfriend.. who puts the capital C in Chic...

i have been on a roasting veggies kick lately..

. all kinds.. all colors.. shapes and sizes..
my lovely friend angela dropped off a bowl of this dish the other night and i found myself craving it again.. the very next night.. 
so off to the store i went..
 i diced up onion, red pepper, eggplant and asparagus..
threw it in a baking dish and
i tossed veggies with olive oil, some salt, and some pepper..
roasted at 375 degrees for 45 ish minutes..
meanwhile.. i boiled a box of orzo pasta..
8 minutes pasta is done..
drained the pasta and i tossed my roasted veggies in with the orzo and sprinkled in some feta.
it was delicious!

next up.. brussel sprouts!!
i promise.. SO good..
i can NOT get enough..
and aren't they so pretty?

trimmed off the ends and cut then in half..
threw them in a baking dish with olive oil, salt and pepper..

baked for 45 minutes and them sprinkled sea salt and drizzled with half a lemon..
{those little burnt leaves are my fav}

and lastly..
i am obsessed with dark walls right now..
i recently painted a chalkboard wall in my kitchen and i am convinced that dark grey that comes straight out of the home depot can.. off the shelf can.. is perfection..
i want to paint it everywhere..
here it is in a bedroom..

runner up..
 is a dark blue wall..

happy friday again friends.. have a fabulous weekend..


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