Monday, March 05, 2012

wanderlust.. italia..

did you have a fabulous weekend? go anywhere special?
i had a great shoot in a dreamy field with a vintage chair.. perfect combo huh? {stay tuned}
 otherwise.. a pretty mellow weekend with GORGEOUS weather..
so for your fabulous monday..
i am going to take you to italy..
 this is a scanned photo i took in cinque terre italy years ago.. this was my # 2 favorite spot ever traveled..

cinque terre is 5 fishing villages on the coast in italy.. no cars.. you go by train or hike..
i remember beautiful hikes along the gorgeous cliffs among olive trees draping with nets to catch those little bursts of deliciousness.. and the scent of jasmine doing cartwheels through the crisp air.. i drank amazing wine with lunch {yes. lunch} and i tasted olive tapenade for the first time.. and i have never looked back.. {sooo good}
 and in the mornings i always ordered a cafe americano and a small glass of peach juice..
there were these 2 men that sat on wine crates and played cards every morning and i remember finding them so peaceful..

there are very few things as sweet as italia..


Devon Riesenberg said...

Such a special're right, there is nothing quite like Italy. Cinque Terre one of the most affordable places in Italy too! I think we paid 20 Euros for an apt...

fawn said...

That is amazing!! I'd loooove to go back! :)