Thursday, March 25, 2010

gym.. at last..

i just need to announce that today i went to the gym..
i worked out for 45 minutes on the elliptical..
i sweated..
i burned 400 calories and went 2.9 miles..
it felt wonderful..
where were the little ones you ask??
well, makena was at school..
she marched right into the kids play area at the gym..
it does have video games, huge tunnel slides.. coloring station.. arcades.. music..
and more!

she took off her shoes..
then waved bye mama..
this is after i told the sweet girl at the desk "ohh. she may cry..
i have never had her in a daycare..
i'm only going for 30 minutes to ease her in..
she has never been away from me blag blah blah..
she was like "peace out"...
"see ya' later mom"
get this..
then she threw a fit when we left..
total scene..
chloe style..
on the floor..
i had to drag her out...
overall.. it's an amazing thing.
i am so liberated!
i am so excited.
i can get some "me" time to work at the fast approaching swimsuit season..
and chloe gets some "play" time..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

trip to the shoe store

as we browsed through the aisles..
i immediatley grabbed the plastic dora flip flops so chloe wouldn't see them.. scanned for any other hideous selection that would cause a scene if i dare said "NO"..
me-" ok sweetie, pick out some shoes!"
she chose the pink maryjanes with a flower and rhinestone..
and she also chose some pink rhinestones flower flip flops..
she could of kept going believe me.. but we limited it to 2 pairs each.
ok. easy.. she is done..
as i have said a million times..
the girl knows what she wants..

now makena..
not so much.
i have noticed in her old age.. she gets very overwhelmed when having to make a decsion..
we were in a quandry over the black "wizards high tops" or white "tinkerbell" sneakers that light up.. (obviously i didn't see the tinks before she did)
makena-" i just don't know mommy.. i can't decide.. what do YOU think i should pick"
me- "whatever you want.. they are your shoes.."
makena- "ugh! iiii dddoooonnn'tttt kknnoooooowwwww"
me-"ok. the wizards are cool, they are funky, you can wear them with dresses or leggings..
 (fyi she does not like jeans)..
 and they are black so they won't get dirty..

the tinkerbells (struggling to give them a shot what so ever)..
the tinkerbells are white, they light up...
 but they will get dirty.. (ooops! i am suppose to be saying positive things)..
she sat on the floor with her chin cupped in her hands and let out a huge sigh..
"ooook. i will choose the "wizards"
wheww! close one!
she also chose some gold ballet flats over the black patent leather..
thank goodness..

why do i feel like a dodged a bullet?
 the girls should always have a say in what they wear..
i have always let them have "free expression"..
it's good for their self esteem blah blah blah..
i do let them dress themselves and unless it is HIDEOUS..
i go with it.
 for example..
makena wore red plaid leggings with a fushia polka dot dress and her gold ballet flats to school today..
i know..

i do always say..
you can wear anything if you have the right attitude..
and she does.

Monday, March 22, 2010


into a silly face...

a razor riding kitty..

a baker of..

a lemon cake!

a gutsy gal..

who made a headboard..
can you believe it??
i went for it and it is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love love love love it!

ugly chairs..

into purty chairs..
i scored 6 for $75..
yes.. 6 entire chairs with cane perfection!!!!
spray painted fresh white (thanks to my adorable husband) 
and now.. they are perfect!
productive weekend huh??

Friday, March 19, 2010

my favorite dresses ever..

liberty of london for target..
soooo amazing..
i got my hands on a few pieces for the girls..
bathing suits and dresses of course...
a girl's dream (my girl's anyway)..
grandma made a run in her neck of the woods as well..
too cute to not..
that stuff was gone in a hurry!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

1 year anniversary!

my blog is 1 year old this month!
can you believe it??
i can't believe you have all stuck around this long.. to be totally honest..
listening to my rants and raves and then turning around a second later bragging about those same beautiful children..
making myself look like mother of the year..
 then stressing like a looney about one of the million "projects" i have going on..

but i am soo glad you have..
 let the party continue..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

this girl..

she is a burst of sunshine..
for sure.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

it's not going away

these are the moments..
when the board flies out from under her..

i have mini heart attacks..
it started with the razor..
going up and down this ramp quickly built up her confidence..
then she grabbed a skateboard..
and now..

umm.. ya..
not the biggest fan of my little girl breaking bones, getting stitches or her knees and elbows being full of cuts and scrapes..
but.. her grabbing the little 5 year boy next doors skateboard and trying to go up and down this ramp..
is not going away..
today she was given her first board from that neighbor's mom..
thanks monique :0/
i have a feeling it's not going away anytime soon..
i guess i have to take a deep breath and accept it..
but..she is my cautious one..
let's try ballet lessons again??


this weekend was a girl's trip..
it was dazzling..

fantastic food, wine and best girlfriends..

i felt like a diva for 15ish hours..

i also felt pretty darn fabulous when i came home to big smiles, bear hugs and little kisses for 30 minutes straight from my beautiful family..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

we got to fork!

i tell myself as a mom to let it go...
if they make a mess.. it means they are having fun..
let it go...
if it's not perfect who cares??
if they get glue on the table or the crayons are scattered all over the table, floor and ceiling.. who cares..
paper scraps.. you get the picture, right?
i mean really?
does damian really care if the "fork" marks don't look sooo martha-ish

the simple task of pressing the fork into the peanut butter cookies "all by themselves"
might have been the most exciting thing they have ever done 
makena is actually still so excited she still won't stop gibbering about it..

2 dozen peanut butter cookies from scratch i might add.. ahem..
made just last night..
they are already gone..
now i am off to pick up some crayons..
baby steps..

Sunday, March 07, 2010

to top it off..

i am now saving for these beauties next..
for the ends of the dining table.. in white.. all i need is 2..
they are called the panton chair..
i love them.

i am finally going for it with the headboard next weekend..
i know, it has taken forever..
am i so boring with my house stuff?
you see..
i am home so much with the girls.. it is so important to me we all love love our home.. it is very personal to me.. we have collected over the years and many of my pieces have stories..
i love to open it up to friends and family and i hope they love it too...
it is a great feeling when i actually complete a project..

so let's cross our fingers the headboard is everything i dream of and we can check it off the loooooong list..

Thursday, March 04, 2010

pretty in pink

i got this image off simplelovely.
i am into pink nails right now.
something so simple as painting your nails pink..
just makes make you feel so pretty..
try it, you'll see.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

you are so sweet

makena has a treasure box at school..
the kids get to "go to the treasure box" when they accomplish something special..
makena went to the treasure box monday because she memorized a poem this weekend..
she chose a pen on a necklace..
she told me there was a snow white book in the treasure box she wanted to get for chloe but could only get one treasure at a time..
i didn't think much of it..
today she comes home with that snow white book in her folder..
me "what is this sweetie"
makena" i got to go to the treasure box today and picked it for chloe, i saw it was still in there and i was watching it and watching it hoping nobody would get it.
when it was my turn, i got it for chloe."

as a mom what makes your heart sing any louder with pride and love when your kids look out for eachother and show such sweet love?

all night chloe read her book over and over and kept saying "sissy.. you are so sweet," gave lots of hugs and let her have all the bath toys..
she slept with her new book under her pillow and gave her sissy a giant kiss goodnight"

dining room.

i have major A.D.D. when it comes to my house.. i start a project.. then start another.. then another..
then i can't decide on fabrics or buy the wrong something or other or run out of paint.. get frustrated.. then start another project..
this dining room for example has been d.r.a.m.a..
started with the table, love the table.. what chairs.. what chairs??
searched high and low.. not loving anything (in my budget)..
1 day while searching on craigslist, i find 2 more chairs just like this one i already owned..
the stars were aligned..
i drove to pick up my "twins"..
 sprayed them white and now??
ALMOST a set..
you see..
almost is the magic word..
 once i find the long lost #4..
i have to pick out a fabric to upholster my beauties..
you see??
always a project.. or 5?

here they are all lined up..
i love them :)