Thursday, March 25, 2010

gym.. at last..

i just need to announce that today i went to the gym..
i worked out for 45 minutes on the elliptical..
i sweated..
i burned 400 calories and went 2.9 miles..
it felt wonderful..
where were the little ones you ask??
well, makena was at school..
she marched right into the kids play area at the gym..
it does have video games, huge tunnel slides.. coloring station.. arcades.. music..
and more!

she took off her shoes..
then waved bye mama..
this is after i told the sweet girl at the desk "ohh. she may cry..
i have never had her in a daycare..
i'm only going for 30 minutes to ease her in..
she has never been away from me blag blah blah..
she was like "peace out"...
"see ya' later mom"
get this..
then she threw a fit when we left..
total scene..
chloe style..
on the floor..
i had to drag her out...
overall.. it's an amazing thing.
i am so liberated!
i am so excited.
i can get some "me" time to work at the fast approaching swimsuit season..
and chloe gets some "play" time..

1 comment:

ali said...

it's weird how a good workout ALONE is total ME time. You couldn't drag me to the gym before kids!