Wednesday, March 30, 2011

not cooperating..

everytime i try to take the girls pictures..
i get some sort of this..

silly faces are cute.
they are fun.
they make you giggle..
but the girls pretty much run like the wind when i pick up my camera..
just a phase.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rainbow crayons.

you know those little knubs of crayons left over?
stick them in a muffin tin WITH liners..

bake them at 300 degrees for approx 6 minutes..

let them cool..
peel off the wrapper and voila'
rainbow crayons!
the girls LOVED making these..
i did too..

Saturday, March 19, 2011


so we can't have a cat because damian is allergic..
he can't have milk because he is allergic..
but sometimes ice cream is ok?
i think he may have us all fooled..
so the night before st. patrick's day..
makena built a trap for the leprechaun..
grass.. peanut butter.. m&m's.. some tape so he would stick..all tucked neatly inside a box colored bright green..
makena goes on about how she wants to catch him and keep him as a pet..
chloe wasn't havin' it..
chloe wanted nothing to do with this little creepy guy....
she said she just doesn't like leprechauns..
as she was getting tucked into bed she tells us with the most serious voice..
"i am allergic to leprechauns"
{we assured her we couldn't keep him even if sissy did indeed catch him}

yogurt cups.. and other randoms..

so i am in LOVE with these toothbrushes..
they are made out of recycled yogurt cups..
i bought a white one for me and chloe picked out a hot pink one for damian..
i came home and brushed my teeth right after i put away all the groceries..
yes. i did just admit that.
i was really excited..

you can get them at trader joe's..

i am in love with turquoise and so therefore makena's new kicks..
she cleans them when they get to dirty..
i secretly love that

this is a thursday night after dinner in our neighborhood..
everyone out and playing..
 a true sign of spring and summer are near!!

 this is the boy next door skating..
i am in love with his pink wheels and again turquoise deck..
his green socks are pretty cool too..

 i made this bracelet and can't stop staring at it..
i made it with brass nuts from the hardware store..
see the instructions here..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


if i had to wear one outfit for the rest of my life.. i think this would be it.
sequins and stripes always win.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

pogo stick..

here is grandma holding the sick so carefully so she doesn't literally fly into the house..
so cute..
i love her expressions..

 i signed damian and i up for the la jolla half marathon..
i am so excited about this.
13.1 miles..
he is quicker than me..
but will it be the turtle or the hare?

love this quote..
to sum it up..
give up on being perfect and begin the work of becoming yourself..

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

bob it.

it's funny because you can get emotional about the funniest things..
well, unexpected things..
i am such a tough gal ya know'..
ya. let's cut her hair..
it is kinda scrappy at the ends..
blah blah blah..
made the appt..
grabbed my camera and we were on our way..
we get there and she is so shy.
she picked raspberry shampoo,..
the hot pink barbie car to sit in..
and a mermaid barbie movie to watch..
then the conversation starts..
how short?
i get teary eyed..
yes. i. did.
these little hairs were on her head when she was a teennyy tiny girl..
now we just chop them off..
like they don't matter anymore?
i babble on and on and ramble in circles and can tell the lady thought i was koo-coo..
ok. ok just bob it.
that is what i came in here for and let's do it..
snip! gasp!
ok. the hard part is over.
she chose a pink lollipop and we were on our way..

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

a baby

calm down!!! my new baby is my new lens!!! i got a new beautiful lense and i took her for a spin this weekend.. here are some photos and can i tell you how much i love her????
my girls are so tired of me in their face.. see how they look away everytime i come near? so sorry.. i am like the paparazzi to them..
makena was on break this week so we did a lot of the park, playdates, rode our bikes..ate great mexican food.. but the farmers market was my favorite :)

cute story- chloe is obsessed with this fairy statue she got at the dollar store last week and then wanted to earn a dollar suddenly for "chores" (she doesn't do much..ahh-hemm) anyway, she wanted to buy one for makena with her dollar.. i just love it when they look after each other. SO much.. they bicker a lot lately and i need to remember that is what sisters do.. but they also share cupcakes and buy each other fairies with their allowance...they cry when the oldest leaves on a playdate {chloe} and they sleep facing each other so they won't be scared..{makena}..

{on to some photos}

notice the little hand ready to go for it!