Saturday, March 19, 2011

yogurt cups.. and other randoms..

so i am in LOVE with these toothbrushes..
they are made out of recycled yogurt cups..
i bought a white one for me and chloe picked out a hot pink one for damian..
i came home and brushed my teeth right after i put away all the groceries..
yes. i did just admit that.
i was really excited..

you can get them at trader joe's..

i am in love with turquoise and so therefore makena's new kicks..
she cleans them when they get to dirty..
i secretly love that

this is a thursday night after dinner in our neighborhood..
everyone out and playing..
 a true sign of spring and summer are near!!

 this is the boy next door skating..
i am in love with his pink wheels and again turquoise deck..
his green socks are pretty cool too..

 i made this bracelet and can't stop staring at it..
i made it with brass nuts from the hardware store..
see the instructions here..

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