Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i am loving..

       a messy side ponytail.. a messy bun.. 
or a messy twist..
i just like to be messy :)

these pink shorts.. that red chanel clutch..
{i thought about throwing a tantum and holding my breath but i still don't think i would get a piece of that juicy red deliciousness..}
but those shorts...
those.. i will get..
have you seen the j crew lookbook for spring 2011..
ohh myyy goodenesssssssssss!!

my new lense that is on a u.p.s. truck, tucked in some foam peanuts, humming along, and anxiously ready to hop on my camera..

images via
stockholm street style 

just a little of this..







chloe- "mommy? how long until we can go to the pool?"
me- "5 minutes.."
chloe- "how long after 5 minutes?"
ooops! i do say it more than once.

me- "let's paint your nails!"
makena- "no thank you, it takes too long to dry"
 chloe- "yes, my toes are a mess"

makena wears sneakers.
chloe wears glitter toms.
makena layers with leggings.
chloes layers with a tutu shkirt.
makena is smarter than me already.
chloe is better dressed than me already.
makena loves science and does all kinds of experiments around the house.
chloe colors really well, stays in the lines and everything!
they both love to swim.
they will stay in the pool for hours doing somersaults underwater and diving off the side..
 chloe eats dinos and anything crunchy or sweet.
makena is a candy girl too but will eat just about anything.
{she tried sushi with me on my birthday..
well, i bribed her a dollar and it was just a california roll}
makena is reading this over my shoulder as i write.. reading out loud..
chloe is playing barbies.

just a little of this and that today.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a ballerina's shadow


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a night in.

some girls want diamonds for valentines..
i want cheese.
and wine...

a perfect night in with my wonderful hubby is all this girl needs..

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy. Love. Day.

The girls found this rock on Saturday at the beach.
A Heart Rock.
Happy Valentine's Day.


Tuesday, February 08, 2011


so makena is a worry wart. she is very concerned about everyone all the time.. she is a rule follower and likes things done a very certain way.
she is little mama.
we had a lizard in our house a few months back and i was pretty dramatic about capturing it 
{okay.. very dramatic}.. 
a lot of squeals, squeaks and yelps.. 
she is now obsessed with closing the screen doors, garage doors and shuffles everyone in the house quite quickly just to be sure another lizard doesn't get in...
she had dreams about this lizard.
still. months later. we talk about him/her.
so the other day we are driving down the street and someone is tenting their house..
makena- "mommy? why is there a tent on that house?"
me- " ohh they have bugs.. so they tent it to get rid of them"
makena-"what are the bugs called, are we going to get them? how doooo you get them?"
me- " they are called termites.. no we will not get them.."
{i can hear the worrying start and i know she will not let this go.. noway}
makena-" well, how dooo you get termites, how?"
me- "goats."
me again-" if you have a pet goat, you will get termites."
makena-" ohh."

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

lemons and mini muffins..

our lemon tree out back is crazy with lemons right now..
chloe and i picked lemons and made blueberry muffins..
it was a productive day :)
she had the time of her life washing the lemons..
i had the time of my life watching her ..