Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Sur 2014

we sat on this hilltop for 5 days.. no phones, no emails, no interruptions. it is our 3rd year camping in big sur as a family and it is SO good for my heart. like really, really good for it. life is a balancing act and it gets a bit crazy in the summer when my kids are home and my wedding season ramps up.. making time for quiet family time is a HUGE priority for me and every year.. i am smiling ear to ear as we float away from really for this short week.. and i am smiling ear to ear as we head home..

some amazing things are happening.. fawn christiansen photography

when i started this journey as a wedding photographer.. i had no idea what i was in for.. i think that is a good thing.. sometimes you just have to jump.. if you want it? JUMP! the net will appear and you will be fine.

couple weeks ago i was a part of something very fabulous and one of those "is this really happening moments".. my head is still in the clouds.. i will be sharing with you very soon... i have ants in my pants i am so excited..
it feels like it was a dream.. looking at this photo.. it looks like one too..
good things are happening friends.. really. really. wonderful. things..

Angie and Mike at the Sheraton Carlsbad..

I wanted to share one of my favorite videos from one of my favorite couples.. I photographed their wedding at the Sheraton in Carlsbad and it was full of love and awesome-ness.. don't know HOW i get so lucky.. my couple are the nicest people on the planet and I still pinch myself that this is my job..
 check them out.. and hire 618 studios as you videographer because they are the bomb.. 

mike // angie - sheraton carlsbad from 618 Studios on Vimeo.

Monday, August 04, 2014

wedding party at it's best.

i really love this photo.. it is bursting with love, happiness and joy.
candid photos are always my favorite.

San Diego Museum of Modern Art Engagement Shoot

So sorry I have been so quiet over here.. In the best way possible.. this wedding season is kicking my butt..
some amazing things coming soon my friends..
its hush hush right now but just wait!
here is a photo from last nights shoot..
 i shot this wonderful couple in balboa park and it was rad.
so rad.
Happy Monday!