Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Sur 2014

we sat on this hilltop for 5 days.. no phones, no emails, no interruptions. it is our 3rd year camping in big sur as a family and it is SO good for my heart. like really, really good for it. life is a balancing act and it gets a bit crazy in the summer when my kids are home and my wedding season ramps up.. making time for quiet family time is a HUGE priority for me and every year.. i am smiling ear to ear as we float away from really for this short week.. and i am smiling ear to ear as we head home..

some amazing things are happening.. fawn christiansen photography

when i started this journey as a wedding photographer.. i had no idea what i was in for.. i think that is a good thing.. sometimes you just have to jump.. if you want it? JUMP! the net will appear and you will be fine.

couple weeks ago i was a part of something very fabulous and one of those "is this really happening moments".. my head is still in the clouds.. i will be sharing with you very soon... i have ants in my pants i am so excited..
it feels like it was a dream.. looking at this photo.. it looks like one too..
good things are happening friends.. really. really. wonderful. things..