Monday, June 29, 2009

who knew?

chocolate milk doubles as a step stool..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

how many cupcakes until you are 5?

we had birthday cupcakes last week with ella and amelie at quail botanical gardens..
it was messy and quite the yummy feast..
i made 24 cupcakes..

today we had a birthday celebration at summer school..
(we came back 2 days this week because i am having seperation anxiety..)
i made another 24 cupcakes this time pink on pink, blue sprinkles and "donuts" on top..
can you imagine the parents face tonight at dinner when the wee-one says..
"i had a cupcake with a donut on top at school today"

this is the wonderful Mrs. McCorristin who i wish i could put in my purse and take home with me.
we love her that much... really.
so she reads a book titled "the day you were born"

this is a birthday poster i made from 1-5 years with pictures ...
it too, had to be pink..

there is an adorable little song/skit they do where makena is the earth and picks a friend to be the sun.. she picked chloe but chloe was stacking blocks on the other side of the room...
she picked me!! ;0)
i'll take it!
so the song goes...
"the earth goes round' the sun, the earth goes round the sun'..
"now you are 1.."
"what were you doing at 1?"
she said she was eating and drinking milk..
allll the way to 5..
"what are you doing at 5?"
she said reading and learning to ride her bike without training wheels and it's wobbly..
so that makes 48 cupcakes i have made and we are not even in her birthday month yet...
and it is bikini season..
i want to say a very heart felt thank you to the tankini...
and this last picture i had to post to remind myself to watch my ummmmm "expressions"...
how much does she look like me here???!!?!?!?

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a day in the life of MY 2 year old...

this princess crown makes her sing... as soon as it is set on top of her head..
she sings...
she dances...
and NOW she will not take her princess shoes of her feet...
i mean even for bed..
she wears them to bed..
i bow out gracefully.. often.

she is now obsessed with the toilet wand.. no i am not speaking of a magical princess wand named "toilet"..
i am talking about the actual toilet wand.. the one you use to clean the toilet.
she also loves to take a cup from the bath, fill it with toilet water and dump it back to the bathtub..
do you know what this means??
umm.. i have to clean my child, tub, toilet and floor immediatley.. lovely right?!
she is obsessed with pirates booty to the point we play tug o' war with the huge costco size bag and she usually wins hands down..
nummmmmyyyyy.. bitey and milkkkkkkkkkkk are her favorite words..
she does not like shopping carts, and has learned to squat while buckled in just to let me know she does not have to sit even if i do say so.. she will squat, thank you very much..
she loves to STAB at the pin pad while i am checking out...
loves to open candy, hand sanitizer, mascara.. whatever she can get her hands on from that "impulse buy" shelf..
obsessed with how many wipes she can whip out of the container in the fastest speed possible before i hear her and coming racing down the hall..
she does not like her diaper when it gets too wet. she rips it off and throws it wherever her little heart desires...then pees, slips on the pee and is mad. (potty training hint.. i know, i know)
she thinks her little potty is a step stool to the towel rack where she HANGS like a monkey...
smarty pants gingerly places her head down on the HARD wood floor before throwing a tantrum..
she likes to bring me rolly polly's from the garden and throw them at my feet..
she eats shredded cheese like a puppy and says "dawwwwgeeeee"

she is 2...
ohhh yes she is..


(insert sigh of exhaustion here)

knock knock..

who's there??
Chloe's underwear!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

scratch and sniff

these blooms smell amazing..
i wish i could apply a scratch and sniff...
but i can't..
just know they smelled so good as i strolled by today, i had to take a picture because i have been told that will make it last longer..
it sort of worked!

some love..

i love a polaroid picture..

i love damian trying to fly a kite..

i love the dad damian is....

i looooove his smile...

and i loooove the best friend and fabulous husband he is....
happy father's day my love...

Friday, June 19, 2009

makena graduated...

i got through it.
i think i composed myself pretty well... (I said, I think..)
i cried here and there at the actual ceremony only because i did most of it at home throughout this whole week.. otherwise i would of been a babbling fool in public for sure....
i know, i know...

getting the diploma, the one picture and it is BLURRY.. (urgh!)

it is only PRESCHOOL but it is a milestone and i have said a million times that i wish to freeze time and today is just a reminder that i do not have

SUPER POWERS... darn. darn. darn!!

it has been an AMAZING 2 years.. i am so thankful for so much..

we are now going to enjoy a fabulous summer..


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

daddy's new "fancy car".

there is a history behind damian's new car...
he used to have a red/orangish 1964 nova back when we were footloose and fancy free... living on the beach all day without a care in the world... perusing around town with no destination in mind..
damian sold it when we moved to l.a. for a brief moment to attend ucla film school..
well, we quickly hightailed it back to san diego (l.a. just wasn't for us),
but we were without our sweet nova...
so fast forward years later..

last week this beauty fell into our laps and we seized the moment....
long story short.. damian is now the proud owner of this pretty... or handsome i mean, white 1963 nova in beautiful condition with only 68,000 miles on and it previously owned by a little old lady (i picture her with a bright scarf on her head and giant sunglasses!)

BUT... the fine print
the girls are not allowed in it ...
we stick them in a 10 airbag volvo...
and we no longer peruse around town with nowhere to go...
actually, we are always on a mission.. and in a hurry... and running late.. just a tad late..

ohh! makena says daddy looks "so fancy" in it..
i totally agree..

Monday, June 15, 2009

have you smelled a lemonade flower??

have you been for a stroll in grandma's beautiful, quiet, tree lined neighborhood?
We have... just yesterday..
we collected pine cones and leaves..
we saw a yellow lab guarding his house (literally ..he was actually sitting on the roof of his dog house)...
we saw a yellow cow/dog fire hydrant...
but, the best part was the beautiful row of magnolia trees..
we lifted the girls to smell a flower from each tree....
after we sniffed each and every tree, we headed back to grandma's..
that is when makena decided to name those magnolia flowers "LEMONADE FLOWERS"...
if you have ever smelled a magnolia flower then you know..
they really do smell like lemonade...

Friday, June 12, 2009

You say tomato...

I say tommmato...

Soon, Soon, Soon!!
I can not wait to eat you tomatoes..ya you..
all of you... you will be mine!!!
(cue evil laugh..)

Happy Friday! :0)

Monday, June 08, 2009

i love junk in my trunk.

i love a project.. here we have 1 can primer, 1 can white spray paint, a hammer, an electric sander and a staple gun..

and here we have a chair i found on fabulous craigslist for $20. she was a diamond in the rough..
i saw great potential...
old, dusty, dirty, just someone elses JUNK that i put in my trunk...

i love a project..

i took off the bottom cushion entirely, cleaned, taped, sanded, primed, painted, then finally put the cushions back on and....


do you want to see?


oh.. you do???

Taaa Dahhhh......
did i mention i love a project??!!?!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

$50 for a sore subject..

So here is a little story about a 2 year and her first trip to the movies...
We were soooo excited to go see the movie UP!! Chloe is 2 years old now..
I thought I was totally prepared. We will go AFTER naptime, bring her bitey(her word for pacifier), blankee, we will get a HUGE BUCKET of popcorn and CANDY!! All our bases were covered. SLAM DUNK!! right?!?!?!
uhhh.nooooooooo.... noway jose..
To start off she woke up MAD today.. For no reason just plain and simply.. M.A.D.
She decided she didn't want to nap.
She threw her markers, sippy cup and shoes all on separate occasions and for really no reason at all, she was just MAD.. and all this morning...
WHY did we go anyway??? Well I....! I mean, Makena was just so excited to see the movie, it wasn't fair to take that away from her...right?
SOOOOO.. tickets, stylish 3D glasses, HUGE popcorn, monster soda, 2 boxes of candy and
50 bucks later, we climbed in our seats.
All is great, Chloe is munching away, laughing, smiling..we thought we had it in the bag! Yippee! This is fabulous!
Well, previews!!!!!!! Holly previews!!??! Seriously.. kid movie and I have to watch 20 minutes of previews!?? not to mention ads for bail bonds and other randomness..Time is ticking my friends! Ok- so we made it through previews!
MOVIE STARTS!!! YES! It is smooth sailing for about 25 minutes.. Then Chloe gets ants in her pants and starts creeping up and down off her seat, then... WATER WORKS.. why? I DO NOT KNOW.. Damian takes her outside, she cries mama, I go out with her and that was it! We were noway going back through those theatre doors.
Me- Ok. Movie must be almost over.
Me- "Excuse me Sir, do you have the time?" .. 45 minutes left! What?
Me- crying inside just a little..
Ok- we will walk over to the library across the parking lot, kill 45 minutes by reading books... So we are in the parking lot and she is whining a bit and this couple walks by..
Lady of couple- " ohhh poor little girl? She is tired? It is nap time? It's naptime"
Me- GLARE.....
moving on..
on to the library... Chloe poops (ya, I said POOP!) She poops in her diaper and the way I found out? She walks past a table with a family coloring..
Dad of Family coloring.."whoooosh uh!"
I grab Chloe, walk across parking lot back to car where the diaper supply is and rummage through by huge bag of a purse and AHHHHHH! Damian has the keys!!!!!
Me- now crying a little on the outside..
Ok- Pizza! I will go get her a slice of pizza and sit! We walk over to Pizza place and rummage through my purse for wallet.. can you guess? i bet you can..
damian has my money!!!!!!!!!
ok,ok,ok,ok , breath...
how much longer until this darn movie is over??
we walk back to theatre..
Usher- " 25 minutes"
Me- ohhhh, ummm MAD..
So I get the bitey (don't think I didn't think about sucking on it myself for a brief moment..)and her blankee and I bundled up my tired, poopy diaper, hungry, mad little girl and sat her in my lap on a nearby bench and she fell asleep..
The END..

Friday, June 05, 2009

mirror, mirror, on the wall..

who's the loveliest of them all???
my husband...
this made my week... i looove him!!
happy friday.. already??!?!?!

Monday, June 01, 2009


love her..

we heart the farmer's market..

kumquats hold a very special place in my heart because my grandparents have always had a kumquat tree for as long as i can remember as a wee little girl, i would feast on their yummy fruit tree! what makes it even more special is makena and chloe have now picked kumquats off my grandparents tree and love the little bursts of tartness as much as i did..
and do..

makena bought herself and sissy some blue italian ice and NOBODY would share with ANYBODY!! it was serious, intense, blue everywhere delight..

we had to sit for the italian ice occasion..
yah, i am serious...

i love fresh cut flowers..

i am big on fruit in salads..
blood oranges are surprisingly fabulo-sooo..

and a fresh mint plant to add to our garden...
mmm mojito anyone?? anyone??
ok- i will settle for my mint tea...
last but no way least...
damian picked up some tomatillo salsa that is to diiie for...
its been 1 day and it is 3/4 empty
or 1/4 full, i mean..