Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 at the ranch


we had a total blast celebrating Chloe's 5th Birthday at the Ranch.. It was alot of family, friends, animals and ALOT of balloons!
that is my kind of party!

Friday, May 25, 2012

party plannning, editing and neglecting..

hi friends.. i have totally been neglecting the blog. my goodness.. it was chloe's birthday on monday and she turned 5.. she had her kindergarten shots, she is acting like such a big big girl, i swear, when kids turn 5..  overnight they become big kids.. i wrapped a wedding and shot another one.. i am editing it right now, my laundry is piled to the roof and dishes are spilling out of my sink.. and i need to buy a dog JUST to eat all the crumbs that are all over my floor and really need to be swept up. bad.
  i am making chili, sangria, rolling up forks and blowing up balloons for chloe's party tomorrow as i type.. 
 man.. this week is cra-zay.. 
i did make a delicious meal last night.. a friend sent me the recipe from this book and i got in my car, drove to the store and bought it.. it is amazing and full of inspiration.. it took me over an hour and it was a lot of work.. not my everyday cup of tea (to spend that kind of time in the kitchen) but it was a nice distraction from my crazy to do list.. 
i was featured over on an amazing blog bohemian kate.. she had such sweet words and made me feel so special.. it is so nice to know my rambling and randomness is liked.. a bit :)
last night i met a dear friend for some vino, girl talk and amazing brownies..
chocolate and vino together is perfection and really..  a great time-out..
don't you agree?

so now.. back to my to do list..

have a fabulous weekend lovelies and i will leave you with a photo from last weekends wedding..
it was such a gorgeous event. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

avo and cucumber salad.

avocado is my favorite on anything and everything..
this salad was simply a combo of avocado, tomato and cucumber..
i tossed it with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper..
could it be any easier?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

palm springs

we had an amazing time in palm springs for mother's day.. it was so fabulous.. we swam and swam and even swam at night! when was the last time you did that? i left my camera and shot with my phone.. 
on the way home tiny dancer by elton john came on the radio and we blasted it and sang like dorks.. i had one of those moments when you just sit back and say..yes. life is good..
there is nothing like making memories.. 
and then.
 capturing them with your phone!


  My girls

Extra olives
 always extra olives..
 and i always think of the line in the movie pretty women when the bartender says 
"this ain't a buffet kit"

  Lounge; On the road

Monday, May 14, 2012


i love how this photo tells a story.. 
love. love. love.

family whistle..

do you have a family whistle? we do and it actually works quite well..  instead of yelling to find eachother .. you just whistle your little tune.. works like a charm..

Friday, May 11, 2012

the weekend is here!

we are headed to palm springs for my mothers day weekend.. i am so excited to be poolside with my little family and to swim like a fish for hours and hours..
i am signing off and want to thank everyone this week for all your kind words and love..
it was a great week and if you didn't see.. my work was featured here.. such an honor!
happy mothers day to all you lovelies!

 photos by sequinsandcandy

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

slipping through my fingers..

 chloe rode her razor this morning as we waited for time to pass for school to start..
i sat out front of our house with my hot coffee and watched as she went round and round our cul' de sac..
i don't know what was different today..
something was..
my little girl..
she seemed different..
she is so bubbly and so full of passion everyday but today...
it seemed bigger..
she seemed bigger..
 and it made me sad.
i honestly just hugged her a bit longer this morning..
 i know that i cherish everyday with my girls and i do not think i am letting the "time fly by"..
that is why i keep this blog, so  i can look back and THEY can look back..  
and see their little childhood moments..
chloe is turning 5 in a couple weeks and she is still so little.. i know.. 
i just wish i could freeze her.
freeze them both..
if i had one wish and it couldn't be the "i'd wish for a million wishes" wish..
i would wish to freeze our life..
it is not a perfect life.. not at all.. 
 it is pretty darn amazing..
to me it is.
i love how she runs up to me and yells MOMMY!!!!! every time i pick her up from school..
i love how she randomly gives me a hug while i am doing dishes..
i love how she loves to go thrifting with me and admires all the junk..
i love how she has a WILD imagination..
i love how she loves to read books..
i love that she is {sort} of very loud and quite carefree..
chloe has given me a run for my money in the past..
2 and 3 were the toughest..
a lot of stories and this blog was pretty entertaining.. 
but i have to tell you..
this little girl..
she is wonderful...

Monday, May 07, 2012

married in cardiff by the sea..

palm trees.. blue skies and turquoise waters...
more to come of this seaside wedding soon.. 

Thursday, May 03, 2012

coconut curry lentils..


was made from this.

i am new to the world of lentils.. i came across this recipe and was VERY intrigued..
it turned out great and i am a lover of lentils now.
if you have any recipes to share.. please do! 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

isn't this spectacular?

wedding shot by jose villa.. {of course}..
you can see the whole feature here..
it took my breathe away..
if any of my lovely brides would like to do that candle lawn scroll..
i am TOTALLY ok with that..