Friday, May 25, 2012

party plannning, editing and neglecting..

hi friends.. i have totally been neglecting the blog. my goodness.. it was chloe's birthday on monday and she turned 5.. she had her kindergarten shots, she is acting like such a big big girl, i swear, when kids turn 5..  overnight they become big kids.. i wrapped a wedding and shot another one.. i am editing it right now, my laundry is piled to the roof and dishes are spilling out of my sink.. and i need to buy a dog JUST to eat all the crumbs that are all over my floor and really need to be swept up. bad.
  i am making chili, sangria, rolling up forks and blowing up balloons for chloe's party tomorrow as i type.. 
 man.. this week is cra-zay.. 
i did make a delicious meal last night.. a friend sent me the recipe from this book and i got in my car, drove to the store and bought it.. it is amazing and full of inspiration.. it took me over an hour and it was a lot of work.. not my everyday cup of tea (to spend that kind of time in the kitchen) but it was a nice distraction from my crazy to do list.. 
i was featured over on an amazing blog bohemian kate.. she had such sweet words and made me feel so special.. it is so nice to know my rambling and randomness is liked.. a bit :)
last night i met a dear friend for some vino, girl talk and amazing brownies..
chocolate and vino together is perfection and really..  a great time-out..
don't you agree?

so now.. back to my to do list..

have a fabulous weekend lovelies and i will leave you with a photo from last weekends wedding..
it was such a gorgeous event. 

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Raluca | WhatWouldGwynethDo said...

Ooh, intrigued by the cookbook, I am addicted to them lately. Happy weekend, friend. xx