Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a repost.

i was browsing my blog today.. and a got bit teary from how the girls have grown and are growing.. it is all going too quick and i have been a bit of a weeping wilma because of it.. i have been journaling on here for almost four years..
it is awesome to look back on basically every week of that time..
it is just going to quick and i wish i could freeze it.
i came across this post i wrote about my husband and i just had to repost it..
after all...
it all started with him..

day 17 {favorite feature}

i love his hands because they feel so perfect in mine.
i love his hands because they have high fived me when things are awesome.. they have wiped tears from my face when they are not..
i love his hands because they slipped that ring on my finger when he asked me to marry him..
i love his hands because they drive him to work everyday where he works SO hard to provide a pretty swell life for us girls..
i love his hands because they have dialed my phone number many times..
even while i left for europe years ago and stayed for 6 months longer than i expected..
and still today.. just to say hi..
i love his hands because they color beautiful pictures with our daughters..
i love his hands because they are good at tennis, golf, basketball and even pouring a cocktail..
i love his hands because nothing feels better than when he simply places them on my knee while driving..
i love his hands because they are his.
happy father's day and thank you for asking me nearly 9 years ago..
to be your wife.

Friday, March 22, 2013

fawn's friday favorite

i loved this wedding and the natural and organic gorgeousness of all whites and creams.. 
it was just simply beautiful..
you don't ALWAYS need a lot of fuss for beautiful..
happy friday..

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jacquelyn, Austin and Huey

These two.. well three.. They were so sweet, smiley and naturally awesome.. They brought their little man Huey to the shoot and it was so perfect.. Yet another gorgeous San Diego day with sunshine and beautiful light..
We are so lucky to live here..
man.. it is so perfect.
 Jacquelyn and Austin are not only gorgeous, easy going, tall {really tall!!} and really funny..  they are so sweet!!
These lovebirds contacted me to shoot their wedding and I couldn't be more happy.. These two are so in love and sparkle with excitement..
See you two in October.. Can't wait!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

fawns favorite.

 i have been wanting a dream catcher for so long.. 
i have searched and searched and they never LOOKED right.. don't know what i was looking for, something soft.. not a lot of crazy and i love feathers..
i went on etsy and browsed often..
one day this guy pops up..
it was perfection.
i am so in love with etsy and all the amazing talent overflowing over there..
these gorgeous dream catchers you can find here.. 
the price is great! 
we have it upstairs to catch all our dreams and the girls are very smiten with it..
so am i!
the shop owner alycia is a local san diego girl..
couldn't be more perfect!

and of course.. 
instagram- @alyciamealy

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

a couple's best friend..

 his name is huey and he really is smiling..
 more coming soon..

a quote for my girls..

this last week was dr. suess week at school and the girls were learning all about him.. as we read books, colored pictures and quoted him.. i really loved so much of what we learned.. see some favorites here..
i never realized as a little girl reading his books he was so wise..
did you?

Friday, March 01, 2013

Wedding Albums

A wedding album is honestly one of the best purchases you can make.. I mean..
It tells the whole STORY of one of the best days of your life.. It is seen by everyone, forever, and many, many times over.. You would grab it in a fire, you will show your children one day, and 10 years later.. it will still make you tear up. I offer these albums to all my clients, you just throw it in your package.. I will design it, you will approve it before it goes to print and it is easy as pie to have this gem on your coffee table in a couple weeks.. 
it will make you smile really big when you get this gorgeous package delivered to your door..
I promise.