Monday, December 31, 2012

jump into 2013

2012 was a fabulous year with many awesome moments, i never do resolutions.. too much pressure.. i always try my best, hopefully that is good enough.. as i reflect, i really feel SO blessed..
this year i learned a lot about friendships, the importance of family and just being comfortable in your {my}skin..
balancing a wonderfully crazy life can be hard, i truly try to be present and in the moment with these little munchkins and my hubby.. i want to savor our life together..
2013 is looking pretty darn good already and i hope to continue to grow and learn..
and give..

thank you from the BOTTOM of my heart for visiting this little spot on the big web..
it means so much.
it really does.
have a happy, safe and giggly new year!

cheers! -fawn

Saturday, December 29, 2012

kalista and kyle- headlands center for the arts, wedding

 each year i say i can't imagine the next year beating the last.. but it does.. someway, somehow.. it does.
 this was my last wedding of 2012 and it was magical.. kalista contacted me a year ago or so about shooting her wedding in sausalito, when she told me about her venue and a few details.. 
i knew.. i just knew..
 I HAD TO SHOOT THIS WEDDING.. fast forward to a latte meeting with kyle the groom, some chit chat about pinterest, vegan food and beer pairings.. i received a phone call from kalista a couple days later that they wanted to book me.. needless to say, i was one happy girl.

 everything about this couple is magic, the emotion and love for each other is what makes me tick, i floated through their day on a cloud, it was why i love my job so much.. every meaningful detail, their love and passion for everything from food, beer, books, all things gatsby inspired.. it poured rain the entire day into the night but it cleared up for us to take some photos and once we were tucked away inside again.. it poured some more..
 emotions ran deep.. everywhere you turned their was laughter, smiles and love.. 

brides dress: jenny packman
venue: headlands center for the arts, sausalito, california
florals: woods fauna
Grooms Suit: JCrew

venue: headlands center for the arts, sausalito, ca