Wednesday, August 31, 2011

photo shoot with some foodies

so i LOVE cookbooks.. i love food photography, i love the bright colors of a farmers market and i love a bowl of lemons sitting on my kitchen table.. so this photo shoot was a dream.. i had the pleasure of taking photos for juli novotry who is the founder of kookie karma and puremamas. she contacted me to do some product shots and some photos of her in her kitchen for both of her businesses.. we broke out t a rainbow of organic produce.. i shot her chopping up beets {my fav}, saw first hand how they package all these goodies, i got to do some tasting {yum}, and of course we did head shots too! how could you not? aren't they gorgeous?! you can find kookie karma in whole foods, at seaside market and jimbo's to name a few or order from their website. their kale chips are pretty amazing {fyi}.. look for her photo taken by {me!} up pretty soon in whole foods under local vendors. so feast your eyes on this amazing duo and their gorgeous photo shoot!! thanks juli and tim for trusting me with this fabulous shoot. i was honored to be a part of it!









and the winner is..

 #17.. stefanie! 

 i used to pick the sequence of numbers to figure out the winner totally fair and square..  i wish everybody could win. i felt such love this week!!! so.. what if i offer 20% off if all of you who want to buy one for the rest of the week!  i already set up the buy it now button!! this is just a tiny way to thank everyone who commented, followed and tweeted!!! thank you thank you thank you!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

ice cream social.








we hosted a back to school ice cream social at our house last night for our neighborhood...
i got some balloons, a couple tubs of ice cream, bowls and spoons..
everyone brought their fav topping and it was an easy and fun celebration..
i am learning that easy equals fun {for me}..
the kids played tag, rode bikes, got dirty {dirtier than usual}, gobbled their bowls of deliciousness and screamed with delight until just before sunset..
chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and of course good friends...
will do that to ya'..
it was indeed delightful.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's CELEBRATE with a giveaway!!

i am so happy you have joined me over here. this is my daily blog that i have kept for just shy of 3 years. 
it is everything ME... my girls, hubby, fashion, photography, cooking, rants, raves, bragging {a little}.. and so on..
when i started my photography business i kept another blog for all that was photography..
but now.
now that I have an official
i will be blogging EVERYTHING right here..
all of it.
so as a celebration of all things SIMPLE and as a thank you to all of YOU for supporting, joining, reading, and just being plain RAD..
i am giving away one of my hex bracelets. 
these bracelets are fab.
i LOVE LOVE mine.
i get stopped on the street celebrity style {just kidding}
but i really did have a bride buy one off my wrist a week ago and her bridesmaids have been buying them from me since..
but today..
you can enter to WIN one!!!
here is what you gotta do..
for each step you do.. enter again so you can enter up to 4x or as little as 1x but please leave a comment!!
and..with me not having a baaa-zillion readers, your odds are pretty good here..
that is the best kinda giveaway.

here are the details.
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leave a comment below...
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i will be picking a winner wednesday august 31st!!
this is for a 2 strand hex bracelet in brass and twine!
good luck!!
woot woot! my first official giveaway!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a day at the races

i went to the del mar races and it was SO fun! i was a high roller and won $24 on one race and i have NO idea how. 
this picture with the horses, palm trees and flags sums up the mood if the day. it was amazing!
when you here the buu bumm bumm bumm bumm bumm bumm bumm bumm bumm bumm bumm dah..
it is pretty fabulous.
here is some of the sdmomfia gang..
i am the giant.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hex Bracelet

So I am now selling my hex bracelets. I will make them to order so give me about a week to ship.  I had a bride buy mine off my wrist the other day and have had a lot of love for them. I LOVE mine and already replaced the one I sold. :)) There is a Paypal button on the right side bar of this I am now open for business. They are brass and twine, tie like a friendship bracelet and are so hardware chic!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

25 things

Monday, August 15, 2011

having my cake..

red velvet and white cake layers with homemade whip cream and strawberries..
{yes. all boxed cake and i went BIG on making the whip cream because i am fancy like that}
she is pretty and she is simple.
my kind of baking.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

5 minutes..

it is so amazing what anyone can do when they really want to..
little one here has not shown anyyyyy interest in riding her bike..
training wheels or not...
she LOVES her plasma car and the razor and could care less about a bike...
one day she randomly decides to give it a try and 5 minutes of hubby working with her.. 
she just takes off..
i am in the kitchen making my gourmet meal in a cute apron in my immaculate house.
{haha.. TOTALLY kidding}..
i am pretty sure i was microwaving some dinos amongst toys, laundry and chaos..
so i heard yippees, squeals and woo-hoos.. so i went running outside only to see her beaming with such pride..
lesson here.
you really can do anything you put your mind to.
maybe i will be a gourmet cook in a cute apron one day.
{ahh-hem.. not likely}

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


damian and i will be 9 years married next month.
life is nuts.. but SO good.
our little family we have created together is pretty awesome.
we just moved into a great new home and i am very happy...
that is 2 major tasks that have had me a bit looney mc looner-sone lately..
{like that?}

i am feeling footloose and fancy free now..

makena took this photo of us tonight
{kneeling on a towel and veeeery carefully she clicked once i had it all set up..}

love that.