Tuesday, August 09, 2011

5 minutes..

it is so amazing what anyone can do when they really want to..
little one here has not shown anyyyyy interest in riding her bike..
training wheels or not...
she LOVES her plasma car and the razor and could care less about a bike...
one day she randomly decides to give it a try and 5 minutes of hubby working with her.. 
she just takes off..
i am in the kitchen making my gourmet meal in a cute apron in my immaculate house.
{haha.. TOTALLY kidding}..
i am pretty sure i was microwaving some dinos amongst toys, laundry and chaos..
so i heard yippees, squeals and woo-hoos.. so i went running outside only to see her beaming with such pride..
lesson here.
you really can do anything you put your mind to.
maybe i will be a gourmet cook in a cute apron one day.
{ahh-hem.. not likely}

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