Monday, November 26, 2012

a dream

i have dreamed of this photo.. in my head.. i have thought.. a black and white first dance photo with a swing band.. big windows and hard wood floors.. a bit blurred to show movement as the newly married couple floats through their dance.. first time as husband and wife.. just smiling.. giddy from champagne bubbles and the love in the air.. the first dance is truly magical.
 i shot this amazing couple in san francisco last week.. and this vision of a dream came to life...
 it was perfect.
they were perfect.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

fawns favorites.

fall is here and i am obsessing over boots, boots and boots!!
from my newest grey fringe or my newest ankle tan suede COWBOY boots.. i am in love with boots!!
simply throw on a fab pair of boots with skinnies and a tee..
you are styley and really? what can be easier?

umm. do these have my name written all over them?? fawn cookies? so perfect!

obsessing over navy blue nails for fall..
such a chic take on black or grey.

my little m made it to level 3 gymnastics this week and she is so happy and nervous.. and me tooo!
 this girl is slipping through my fingers.. i mean, she is so cuddly and attached to my hip, she is SO not a "i'm too cool for mom girl" .. but i can see her personality, confidence and integrity like never before and it makes me so proud but so sad.. i'm trying so hard to be present as much as possible..just taking it all in.. every second..these girls are growing way too fast.

 i am IN LOVE!!!! with these gold and white headphones! i saw these babies posted by a friend on instagram and had to have them.. like.. i put down my piping hot coffee and commented WHERE CAN I GET THESE???
 my friend and her hubby started this company called FRENDS.. and they are now available in apple stores and i am so happy for them.. 
i rushed in the first day they went on sale at apple and happily slid a pair off the shelf and into my hands..
they are a lovely gift for you..
{or someone special.. or you}

we dyed pasta for necklaces for chloes class..
it was so fun and a fun project for a playdate..
1lb of raw pasta goes in a gallon sized zip lock with 3 tbs of rubbing alcohol and 1/4 tsp food dye. swish it all around until coated and dump onto newspaper for 30  minuted to dry. string it and voila' fancy necklaces!!

and i am off to sausalito this weekend to shoot the lovely sailboat couple kalista and kyle and their amazing wedding..
this venue if going to knock your socks off friends..
it is so  fabulous i can hardly stand it..
i am so honored to be there to capture this day..
this is my grand finale' of the year.
i am taking december off to be with the family 100%. 
this is my last SHOOT of the year and i can't think of a better way to go out for 2012..
back to photos of my kids, fashion, cooking, crafts  and some babbling..
good times!

photos via: here here here here and yours truly.