Friday, May 28, 2010

face painting.. the wrong way..

 i found chloe with her ENTIRE face covered in hearts, rainbows, flowers, peace signs.. you name it.
in INK..
black ink..
makena says to me..
"it's face painting mommy"
i didn't even get mad..
i just sighed..
  went for a wash cloth..
and cleaned her up..
i mean..
 i guess i can see..
what is the difference to a 5 year old?
ink or paint?
am i really starting to think like a 5 year old?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

tea for 22?

so little chloe is now 3..
{insert tear here}
i just can not believe my little firecracker is becoming such a big girl..
she is mellowing out and i don't have as many crazy, hysterical, i feel so frustrated stories for you..
but that is why this blog is so amazing..
i can go back and remind myself.. laugh.. cry.. and move on..
she went to a big girl bed.
she ate a cucumber the other day?!!
she says "no mommy, i do it".
she went to her first drop off birthday party..(although.. i know the mom well)
she has her very own friends.
she goes to the refidgerator, opens the door grabs her gallon of milk.. proceeds to drag it through the entire, just house to tell me she is thirsty...
and those sweet little cheeks, that darling voice, those adorable toes, those big brown eyes..
i can go on and on.

i love you so much chloe and am soo proud of you.

happy birthday sweetie pie.

0k. i am done..
here are some photos of the little soiree!
a tea party for 22 wee one's..
i said 22..

swords for the boys..

mimosas for the mommy and daddy's..

all the sweet kiddies belted out happy birthday with such gusto!!
and a few "chaa chaa chaa's"..
it's the new thing you know?

my friend tara did the beautiful face painting...
 a gift in itself..
thanks tara!

                                          this is the gigantic bouncer/slide requested about 3 months ago..
                      birthday girl got to do as she pleased all day.. including going up the slide wrong way??
                                                                    i was not stopping her...
                                                                             would you?

cutie pie landon..
nobody does pink better..

a couple girls getting a sneak peak of the tea cup cupcakes..
"which one shall i choose?"
a very difficult decision.
very difficult.

all the girls got pink tutu's..
 they all waited sooo patiently for the face painting..
i was in awe that they really just simply waited.
so it is possible?
who knew?

did i mention there was a lot..
i mean a lot of sugar?
strawberry lemonade and fruit loops?
pink sprinkle donuts..
a pinkest of pink menu..

afterall, it was a 10 am party.
breakfast of champions?!

how gorgeous are these cupcakes?
they were d.i.v.i.n.e.
lara made these beauties!!
thank you lovey!

down the slide... an action shot..
how adorable is he??
so cute.

an attempt for a family pic??
just real quick..
chloe not having it?
did i mention there was a lot of sugar at the party?

and that smile makes my heart smile...

good times.

Monday, May 17, 2010

the weekend

do you see this mirrored table??
i scored it at a garage sale i spotted on our way back from donuts
on saturday for $25..
i was literally doing cartwheels to the car..
and that is a fabric covered peg board i threw in for $2..
who ever said donuts are bad for you?
they are wrong.

we are painting rocks for our garden..
i am in love with yellow right now..

finished up some more of these and those..

ohh! more yellow..
i sprayed this mirror yellow and i heart it!!

pizza party..

beatles birthday party..
i love how they are always game for anything..

little chloe graduated to a big girl bed..
she is sooo thrilled about it..

we are really into drinking our milk out of fancy teacups..
have you tried it?
you should..
it is delightful..

Friday, May 14, 2010


i am dreaming of a little desert vaca..
 in a couple weeks..
 me and a couple girlfriends..
{happy mama's day}
room service.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

under my umbrella..ella..

priceless moments..
love them.

sew what?

i have been making this bunting/ pennants flags for chloe's party and a few friends in between..
they add the perfect amount of whimsy..
don't you think?
if you are interested in pricing shoot me an email..
{wink! wink!}
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

i love throwing birthday parties..
little chloe is going to be 3..
i can't image a life without her..
as full of energy and ZING! as she is at times..
always keeping me on my toes, i wouldn't have it any other way..
she is our chloe bird and i love her more than i could ever even try to put into words..
her sweet little hands.. the stomping of her pedicured toes.. the 3 dress changes a day.. her "i love you's"
her annoyance of anything dirty.. even a park swing.. her love of a or any princess movie..
her obsession with milk.. her pink blankee and bunny she carts to bed.. her need to be totally efficient and wear a dress instead of pajamas to bed (that is why, right..ahem..)..

at her pinkest of pink request..
it is going to be a pink party..
me? well to me it is all about the tiniest of details..
i have made some fab pink bunting.. pink tablecloths and i have the pink menu figured out..
17 days to go..
can't wait..
i am sooo
she is sooo excited!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

tweet tweet

she tweeted my headboard..
ok.. i am sure you are sick of hearing about the headboard..
i will move on. i promise!

Monday, May 03, 2010


so.. i am obsessed with my headboard..
here it is with my new yummy white bedding and my favorite gals "jumping in the clouds"..
i feel like i have a celebrity in my room..
i wake up in clouds of white and gaze up to see my headboard i dreamed of for sooo long..
the feeling you get when you create something is amazing..

thanks goodness for design sponge.. am i right or am i right?

our little art room

this is one of my favorite spots in the house. it is a small nook in the garage meant for a work bench, power tools and a "do it yourself" tool man...

instead it is a space with a large craft table, play-doh, lots of fairies, paints, 
brushes, pipe cleaners, stamps.. {you get the picture} 
and ALWAYS has at least 2 little blondies...
making a peice of art..
i love it in there.
looove it.