Monday, May 17, 2010

the weekend

do you see this mirrored table??
i scored it at a garage sale i spotted on our way back from donuts
on saturday for $25..
i was literally doing cartwheels to the car..
and that is a fabric covered peg board i threw in for $2..
who ever said donuts are bad for you?
they are wrong.

we are painting rocks for our garden..
i am in love with yellow right now..

finished up some more of these and those..

ohh! more yellow..
i sprayed this mirror yellow and i heart it!!

pizza party..

beatles birthday party..
i love how they are always game for anything..

little chloe graduated to a big girl bed..
she is sooo thrilled about it..

we are really into drinking our milk out of fancy teacups..
have you tried it?
you should..
it is delightful..

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