Thursday, May 27, 2010

tea for 22?

so little chloe is now 3..
{insert tear here}
i just can not believe my little firecracker is becoming such a big girl..
she is mellowing out and i don't have as many crazy, hysterical, i feel so frustrated stories for you..
but that is why this blog is so amazing..
i can go back and remind myself.. laugh.. cry.. and move on..
she went to a big girl bed.
she ate a cucumber the other day?!!
she says "no mommy, i do it".
she went to her first drop off birthday party..(although.. i know the mom well)
she has her very own friends.
she goes to the refidgerator, opens the door grabs her gallon of milk.. proceeds to drag it through the entire, just house to tell me she is thirsty...
and those sweet little cheeks, that darling voice, those adorable toes, those big brown eyes..
i can go on and on.

i love you so much chloe and am soo proud of you.

happy birthday sweetie pie.

0k. i am done..
here are some photos of the little soiree!
a tea party for 22 wee one's..
i said 22..

swords for the boys..

mimosas for the mommy and daddy's..

all the sweet kiddies belted out happy birthday with such gusto!!
and a few "chaa chaa chaa's"..
it's the new thing you know?

my friend tara did the beautiful face painting...
 a gift in itself..
thanks tara!

                                          this is the gigantic bouncer/slide requested about 3 months ago..
                      birthday girl got to do as she pleased all day.. including going up the slide wrong way??
                                                                    i was not stopping her...
                                                                             would you?

cutie pie landon..
nobody does pink better..

a couple girls getting a sneak peak of the tea cup cupcakes..
"which one shall i choose?"
a very difficult decision.
very difficult.

all the girls got pink tutu's..
 they all waited sooo patiently for the face painting..
i was in awe that they really just simply waited.
so it is possible?
who knew?

did i mention there was a lot..
i mean a lot of sugar?
strawberry lemonade and fruit loops?
pink sprinkle donuts..
a pinkest of pink menu..

afterall, it was a 10 am party.
breakfast of champions?!

how gorgeous are these cupcakes?
they were d.i.v.i.n.e.
lara made these beauties!!
thank you lovey!

down the slide... an action shot..
how adorable is he??
so cute.

an attempt for a family pic??
just real quick..
chloe not having it?
did i mention there was a lot of sugar at the party?

and that smile makes my heart smile...

good times.


ali said...

oh my gosh fawn. you are so brave! What lucky girls to have a mom and dad who are willing to do so much to make their days special!

Jacquelyn said...

Oh my, what fun! Looks like a successful party to me.

6gilberts said...

such cut happy i was a part of it.