Friday, September 21, 2012

a promise to my girls

found on pinterest.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the crew.

so different but still so the same..
i never leave home without a pair of shades..
whether to protect my eyes from the sun or to cover some sleepy eyes while dropping my girls off in
the morning at school.. i wear them in the rain!
these are my current go to's..
{and no ray-ban didn't pay me}..
i just truly think they have the best sunglasses.. timeless and amazing quality.. made in italy..


Monday, September 17, 2012

wedding party.

this wedding party put the "party" in wedding party..
so fun.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

fawn's favorites..

hi hi hi!!! i have had a whirlwind of a few weeks! my goodness.. kids are back in school and i am trying {keyword:trying} to get into a routine... i have not done a favorites post in awhile and i totally miss blogging but... it is the first thing to go when life gets crazy!!
Birds on a wire


i am slightly obsessed.. i just LOVE photos and love to take photos of everything from food to shoes to my girls to birds on a wire {above}..
 so i fire our instagrams daily.. find me! {fawnc}


 kilim pillows 

 a current obsession.. here is one i found on etsy and i threw it in the guest room on all white bedding which i now my office too and i love to stare at it..



lake tahoe..

our last summer family trip was to lake tahoe.. we camped for 6 nights and had an absolute BLAST.. it was so gorgeous.. the water was a chilly 57 degress but we swam like fish and it was bliss..

awesome cutting board

this cutting board i also just bought on etsy.. it is a perfect gift and a great conversation piece for your fancy cheese party.. and that adorable heart you can have engraved anywhere.. i had mine engraved to san diego of course..

snack box

 i came across on pinterest.. oh my goodness it is the perfect gift for anyone at all.. ever and for any occasion but especially a gift to a bride on her wedding day from her sweet bridesmaid, mom.. etc etc.... she will be forever greatful.. i am sure of it.

  Favorite winery ever

wine club

hubby and i just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.. we ran away to the glorious town of santa barbara and it was so wonderful.. so so so wonderful.. i can go on and on and ON.. one day we went to los olivios an amazing town in the gorgeous san ynez valley with 43 wineries and we tasted and tasted.. it was amazing.. we decided to join a wine club to always celebrate our trip and we chose carhartt winery because it is a small family owned winery with that small intimate feel.. the wine was so delicious and we smiled a lot while there tasting.. i can't wait to get our first shipment..

10 yr anniversary.. Black diamonds;


and finally my favorite gift ever.. besides my children, my wedding rings, and my first dslr camera that started up my obsession with photography.. hubby surprised me with a pair of stunning black diamond earrings.. i was so shocked and giddy.. they are so precious and mean so much to me i can't begin to tell you.. how cool are black diamonds? waaaaayyy cooler that i am.. way cooler. 
yes. i love a surprise