Friday, June 06, 2014

happy friday.

so my littlest, she turned seven last month. we celebrated at disneyland. it was amazing. i just love her so much. being a mom is the hardest job EVER. kids make you love like you could never imagine. these girls teach me so much about myself, being vulnerable and accepting.. trusting that your emotions are what should lead you.. because after all, there is no manual to this gig.. you really lead with your heart. i do not know what i am doing, i just know i love them beyond words and i hope that is enough. 
motherhood is a crazy beautiful thing.
i am honored to be their mom

i have a wedding on saturday and plan on spending sunday paddle boarding and laying with my little family on the beach. there are a few amazing projects and new adventures awaiting me this week that i am so excited and honored to be a part of. it is a feel good kind of project. i love those kinds of projects so much.

the girls are officially out of school as of next week and i can not wait! we have some fun stuff planned, we are camping on the water in big sur this summer, visiting seattle, san francisco and doing a girls trip to LA! we will hike the hollywood sign, visit museums and lunch at the beverly hills hotel.. i cram as much as i can into the summer months, family time and travel are my ABSOLUTE favorite things in life. hands down. 
i don't want diamonds.. i want an adventure.

 i was at a friends house for a little bbq last week and she made these chocolate almond tarts, OMG.. they were divine.
get the recipe here.

am in love with this vertical plant wall. it is in new mexico. i have been sprucing up the backyard a bit preparing for summer entertaining.. i need to practice doing it more. i don't think this wall is happening, but a girl can dream, right?
image via pinterest

man, i love summertime. it is actually not here yet. but i can feel it. can't you?

happy friday!