Monday, December 01, 2014

Fawn Christiansen Photography on the COVER of San Diego Exquisite Weddings Magazine!

I pinch myself a lot.. This job of mine that I love is pretty amazing. When I think of the big steps I have taken, especially in the beginning.. it was SO scary.. More like the LEAPS I took... Announcing "I am a Photographer" then I remember my first PAYING gig.. oh. it was stressful.
But with practice, determination and not being afraid to go for it..
well.. it is pretty wonderful when a moment like this happens..
San Diego Exquisite Weddings Magazine hired me to shoot a 12 page editorial for their magazine with a POTENTIAL cover.
I got the cover and it is on newsstands now.
I mean??
Seeing your work in print is beyond fabulous and walking into Barnes and Noble and seeing it, MY cover sitting all pretty.. all glossy and bright..
it is beyond surreal..
Man. I am one lucky girl.

Model: Megan Hawkins
Styling: Thorne Artistry
Florals: Bespoke
MUAH: King Cardoza
Dress: Sarah Seven