Tuesday, December 31, 2013

cheers to 2013.

so today is the last day of 2013.. this year was a doozey, many big moments. makena turned 9. chloe turned 6. we bought a house. we celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary.. chloe started playing the guitar and makena competitive soccer, we took on the commitment of buying a family dog! {still not born but he/she is on her way} my career goals last year were to be published in a magazine and i am shooting my first editorial soon as well as a real wedding i shot will be published in print too, i was featured on real simple magazine which was umm.. HUGE! my photography has taken me to places i can't believe.. life is good.. not perfect but many perfect moments.. i have done a ton of reflecting this year. a lot of searching and getting all crazy about the "meaning of life and why it is going so fast". figuring myself out a bit. i have learned to imbrace imperfections and accept others faults. {my own as well} last year i said i do not make new years resolutions but i changed my mind.. this years are to just "BE PRESENT".. "DO NOT OVERTHINK".. and to "SLOW DOWN".. to just enjoy everyday. calmly. :) here is an imperfect family photo.. it is blurry, nobody is looking.. and as usual, chloe is being crazy.. BUT. we are all laughing, we are happy.. we are being real. and that is why a big part of me just loves it. .. cheers to 2014.. and.. it being AWESOME!