Friday, February 26, 2010

my paaaaarrttaa..

chloe has decided to randomly start a discussion with EVERYONE she comes across about her "paaarrttaa".. i mean the mail lady, costco cashier, neighbors..
 anyone willing to listen.. she starts talking about her "paaarrtaa"
so far we have..

-pink (not quite sure what that is referring to just yet)
-a big slide
-a belle cake

it's not for 3 more months..
i guess she wants to make sure i have enough time to get it right..
no excuses..
the girl knows what she wants..
and she will get it :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

slipping through my fingers..

look at her in her pink dress and ruffled sweater..
this was at a alice in wonderland themed tea party we attended with a bunch of friends from her school..
she dresses herself, pretty well i might add....
she tells me to put my seat belt on..
she is making a ton of new friends..
she reminds me to take our vitamins..
she goes on playdates by herself..
she eats EVERYTHING in sight..
she rides her razor scooter down the boys 1/4 pipe skate ramp next door (yikes!)..
she beats damian at wii tennis (soo funny to watch)..
she is just the sweetest girl..
i have been having a hard time letting her grow up these past few weeks..
i have been missing her while on her "playdates"..
chloe misses her too, a lot..
friday night around 2 am, she comes into my room, asks if she could sleep with me for a bit..
she climbs into bed with me and we cuddled..
chit chatted
 and giggled
 for about 20 min about i don't even know what..
 but it was so special..
she went back to bed and i fell back asleep with the biggest smile on my face..
that is just what i needed..
i think she knew it..
mama needed a "playdate" too.
i love that girl so much.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i am a bit boring these days...

i have been busier than ever and i feel that my blog is as boring as ever..
funny how that works..
so for a birthday update..
2 weeks late..
it was quite amazing!!!
i had red velvet cupcakes for breakfast..
please excuse my fresh out of bed look below but i love this picture because that morning was so very special to me.. i felt so loved and appreciated..
i mean look at my sweet cupcakes faces..
 (not the red velvet, i meant makena and chloe).....
they are so cute..
sorry.. i am being braggy..
 so we are eating red deliciousness at 6:30 am..
they are happy as can be because it is my bday!
nothing to do with the cupcakes.. ahem..
 it's my bday!

damian surprised me (i hinted a lot) with a brand spanking new beach cruiser..
 he put it together with our dear friend andy in his garage, full of 3 children not havin' it (so i heard)well...
the fender was on backwards..
 which we figured out on my first spin around the block..
not too bad.. i'd say..

i got my first handwritten card from my makena..
so so so soooo special..
yes.. i cried..

did i mention the red velvet cupcakes..
soo good!

flowers delivered to MY DOOR from my wonderful mother-in-law..!

damian said chloe was very particular with her colors she used for her card..

damian surprised me with a sushi dinner, limo ride and a group of our friends all with babysitters and a night downtown!!
i am usually never surprised because i can figure things out or pry it out of anyone.. someone..
but i must say..
i had noooo idea!
i was surprised to the fullest and am still in shock!!
way to go sweetie..
best bday e.v.e.r.

thank you for making my heart smile..

and giving me these 2..

and i had to put this one in because she looks sooo beautiful and so grown up..
she is reading books now..

Monday, February 15, 2010

working up the courage!

so my jaw dropped to the floor when i saw this headboard..
it was on the cover of COOKIE magazine.
grace from design sponge made a fantastic diy video, step by step, how to..
 it looks so easy coming from her..
you know when you love something so much you never look back and just HAVE to have it?
nothing else compares.. you look no furthur.. your mind is made up?
that is what happened when i saw this headboard..
so i saved for the gorgeous otomi fabric..
i have this beautiful fabric sitting in my closet..
it has been in there for over a month..
it takes 3 months to make this fabric..
it is hand embroidered and a really big deal..
 i have everything i need thanks to my all time favorite website
i even have the phone number to a pro wood cutter..
i have the supplies..

all i need is..
i think i can.. i think i can..
i can..

what if i totally  mess it up, ruin this gorgeous fabric and end up crying all over it?

Friday, February 12, 2010

a day just for..

happy valentine's day..
"to all, and to all, a good night.."
why not?
 it has such a great ring to it!


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

reading in bed..

one of their favorites.

chloe x 2

love her

look mom! no wheels!

so the same day chloe lost her bitey..
makena decides to ride her bike..
without training wheels!
what are these girls doing to me!???!?!?!?!?
i don't want them to grow up!
not one teeeny tiny bit..

frame it!

we made our art box..
it was a messy good time..
we love it..

Thursday, February 04, 2010

bye bye bitey..

that's her name for her pacifier.
she lost it.
suddenly, it was gone.
we could not find it anywhere.
we searched high and low. it was nowhere to be found. then it was bedtime.. yikes..
we explained some more that it was lost. she kept saying "it's in my ear, mommy" (damian always does that magic trick where he finds things in her ear). "no baby.. it's lost".
she went to bed without a peep. it has been three days now.
she never cried.
she never harrassed me.
she was so grown up and understanding.
occasionally she asks me to look in her ear and i simply just tell her it's not in her precious little ear.
another milestone.. this one i am in shock over.
it's gone... she is done.
bye bye bitey..

ps-i actually found it just yesterday and put it in her "baby keepsake box"..

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

chalk it up to...

lazy days.. nothing to do..
aren't those days nice once in awhile?

sunday we spent a good amount of time doodling on our driveway..

                                 i ecspecially love our family portrait...