Tuesday, February 23, 2010

slipping through my fingers..

look at her in her pink dress and ruffled sweater..
this was at a alice in wonderland themed tea party we attended with a bunch of friends from her school..
she dresses herself, pretty well i might add....
she tells me to put my seat belt on..
she is making a ton of new friends..
she reminds me to take our vitamins..
she goes on playdates by herself..
she eats EVERYTHING in sight..
she rides her razor scooter down the boys 1/4 pipe skate ramp next door (yikes!)..
she beats damian at wii tennis (soo funny to watch)..
she is just the sweetest girl..
i have been having a hard time letting her grow up these past few weeks..
i have been missing her while on her "playdates"..
chloe misses her too, a lot..
friday night around 2 am, she comes into my room, asks if she could sleep with me for a bit..
she climbs into bed with me and we cuddled..
chit chatted
 and giggled
 for about 20 min about i don't even know what..
 but it was so special..
she went back to bed and i fell back asleep with the biggest smile on my face..
that is just what i needed..
i think she knew it..
mama needed a "playdate" too.
i love that girl so much.

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Nikki said...

Aaawww, so so sweet! What a precious moment.