Thursday, February 18, 2010

i am a bit boring these days...

i have been busier than ever and i feel that my blog is as boring as ever..
funny how that works..
so for a birthday update..
2 weeks late..
it was quite amazing!!!
i had red velvet cupcakes for breakfast..
please excuse my fresh out of bed look below but i love this picture because that morning was so very special to me.. i felt so loved and appreciated..
i mean look at my sweet cupcakes faces..
 (not the red velvet, i meant makena and chloe).....
they are so cute..
sorry.. i am being braggy..
 so we are eating red deliciousness at 6:30 am..
they are happy as can be because it is my bday!
nothing to do with the cupcakes.. ahem..
 it's my bday!

damian surprised me (i hinted a lot) with a brand spanking new beach cruiser..
 he put it together with our dear friend andy in his garage, full of 3 children not havin' it (so i heard)well...
the fender was on backwards..
 which we figured out on my first spin around the block..
not too bad.. i'd say..

i got my first handwritten card from my makena..
so so so soooo special..
yes.. i cried..

did i mention the red velvet cupcakes..
soo good!

flowers delivered to MY DOOR from my wonderful mother-in-law..!

damian said chloe was very particular with her colors she used for her card..

damian surprised me with a sushi dinner, limo ride and a group of our friends all with babysitters and a night downtown!!
i am usually never surprised because i can figure things out or pry it out of anyone.. someone..
but i must say..
i had noooo idea!
i was surprised to the fullest and am still in shock!!
way to go sweetie..
best bday e.v.e.r.

thank you for making my heart smile..

and giving me these 2..

and i had to put this one in because she looks sooo beautiful and so grown up..
she is reading books now..


ali said...

wow! that really WAS a surprise! How fun! A person as good and nice as you deserves every wonderful birthday wish!

ps you should know that I HEART my bag you made me!

bettina said...

awww..that is so sweet!!! you deserve it honey!!! And your blog is so not boring. i love it, its one of my faves!!! I look to it for inspiration!! xoxo

so when are we gonna have our sushi date huh???

Nikki said...

That is hilariuos that fender was on backwards! Dads with kids probably had trouble concentrating! LOL!