Monday, February 15, 2010

working up the courage!

so my jaw dropped to the floor when i saw this headboard..
it was on the cover of COOKIE magazine.
grace from design sponge made a fantastic diy video, step by step, how to..
 it looks so easy coming from her..
you know when you love something so much you never look back and just HAVE to have it?
nothing else compares.. you look no furthur.. your mind is made up?
that is what happened when i saw this headboard..
so i saved for the gorgeous otomi fabric..
i have this beautiful fabric sitting in my closet..
it has been in there for over a month..
it takes 3 months to make this fabric..
it is hand embroidered and a really big deal..
 i have everything i need thanks to my all time favorite website
i even have the phone number to a pro wood cutter..
i have the supplies..

all i need is..
i think i can.. i think i can..
i can..

what if i totally  mess it up, ruin this gorgeous fabric and end up crying all over it?

1 comment:

Lara said...

can't wait...
you're going to do great!