Monday, April 30, 2012

family at the harbor

how was your weekend? ours was nice and relaxing.. we took a little trip to the harbor on sunday.. i love anything to do with the ocean and all the bright colored eye candy that surrounds it..



IMG_z2841 IMG_p2895 IMG_p2874 IMG_p2904


this is the reaction i get when i say
"let me take a picture"


Sunday, April 29, 2012

inspiration board

i love when a shoot looks so cohesive..
the idea is to create a story..
ya. know?

Friday, April 27, 2012

current obsession.. COLOR.

while putting away my laundry i was simply admiring the color in my closet.. i wear a lot of gray, grey and greige... but i have been trying to pull out the color a bit more..
i also started to organize my closet by sleeve length.. how do you organize yours? by color maybe?
do you use wood hangers, flocked or plastic? i use wood hangers and i think it looks so nice BUT. the flocked hangers are great for making more room! 

 speaking of color.. i am loving this watercolor postcard set..
great project for the girls or just me..

 i love this bright red modern egg shaped bird feeder...what little bird wouldn't want to dine here?
do you hear all the birds chirping these days?
i love spring!

and to wrap it all up.. this dreamy.. i am TOTALLY obsessed!! i think i would be SO unproductive if i owned this deliciousness..
but look at this beauty..
this chair is SPECTACULAR huh?
uhh.. LOVE IT!


happy friday my lovely friends..

Thursday, April 26, 2012

mother's day gift guide.

mother's day.. ohhh mother's day..
i love mother's day.
my day usually starts with a "secret" breakfast in bed.. i get to snuggle in my crisp white sheets and listen to the pitter patter of cute feet and whispers of excitement as they help hubby cook for me.. it is awesome...
here was last years breakfast..

  if weather is permitting.. 

a beach day/picnic is my number one choice of things to do with my family..

 one of my favorite things to open.. is a great big book..
gorgeous glossy photos of fashion or beautiful interiors..
anthropologie always has the best selection..

a palm springs getaway is at the top of my list..
my favorite couple/girls getaway hotel is the parker.

The Parker

these charm disks by helen ficalora are my  "everyday.. i do not take them off.. e.v.e.r. piece of jewelry".
i have a c & m..
i love delicate gold jewelry and these would be a great gift for any mom..

you can buy them here

i am really digging this anklet..
i never thought i would go there {again}
but i LOVE it..

and this.

 this bird feeder is so pretty and would be a great gift.. hang it outside the kitchen window and she will have lots of visitors..

polaroid film..
{this is a photo i took of chloe and makena in summer 2009}
it is my favorite ever. there is something special about a one of a kind..
polaroid is art.

i am still on a mission to complete a polaroid wall..

and of course.. of course.. the green light for a spa day is ALWAYS much appreciated..

                      umbrella: katespade 
                            polaroid wall: farmstatic

Monday, April 23, 2012

randomly random today..

hubby and i went away for 3 nights to the lovely desert.. it was an amazing.. amazing getaway.. i layed by the pool, ate delicious food, had a massage and drank yummy cocktails..
i did nothing. had nowhere to be.
it was so wonderful.
i do not need to go far or anywhere that exotic for some recharging.. i just need sunshine and a pool.
i love palm springs with all my heart but this time it was scottsdale arizona and we stayed at the royal palms resort.. it was heaven on earth...
i would go back in a second..
i missed the girls but it does us ALL a world of good if mommy gets to relax once in awhile..



{jcrew swimsuits are my fav}

i am obsessed with stripes.. it is really no secret.. my closet is full of them.. so much that often times i should be dressed like this..
she pulls it off well huh?

i am in planning mode for little chloe's bday party..
invites being first on the list..
i like to send them out 1 month before..
everyones schedules fill up so quick..
i did them myself and i had SO much fun..

the theme is gold ponies..
it is at a ranch.

the final invite..

i have been wearing lipstick lately..
i am usually a gloss girl but i am finding a quick swipe of lipstick and a naked eye is my easy running out of the house look lately..
it really brightens your face..
i am loving it..
how fun is this guide from poppy king, the lipstick queen..
for our weekend away, i wore ysl rouge volupe' coral #14..
i really loved the look of it on my wine glass at dinner..

stripes image via thisisglamorous

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

instagram photos.

do you instagram? i do and i looove it. 
it's phone photos and it is usually of my food.. and shoes? 
but i do capture some great little treasures i otherwise wouldn't..
here are some recents..

Butternut squash and goat cheese pizza

                      a butternut squash pizza, goat cheese and arugula pizza i made for dinner..

Gift from hubby <3 emeralds
a beautiful..made me do cartwheels surprise from hubby... 
i wear them everyday and they make me smile a bit wider than usual..


the girls poolside.. their fav place to be..

 awesome toothbrushes that are made out of recycled yogurt cups.. how AWESOME is that.. we all use them..

my go to moccasins.. hands down.. my fav shoe on the planet.. 
they are awesome.

Friday, April 13, 2012

my baby.

i snapped this photo when we were dying easter eggs.. she was so into the process she actually forgot i had a camera.. i can never get in close enough, get her to sit still or really just be "herself" when i have a camera.. i LOVE this photo of her so much.. all her features i as her mom think are perfection..
 that little white line on her nose, those tiny, tiny freckles and her perfect pouty lips.. her eyelashes.. her pearl earrings she wears everyday that grandma gave her.. this girl is just so precious.. i love that i was able to freeze a REAL photo of my baby.. 
{yes.. i said baby..}

happy friday!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

a proud mom moment

it's funny how you don't realize how much your kids really watch what you do.. it is great and all.. {sometimes not so much}
 but this was a moment that i stopped and smiled..
we went grocery shopping and as makena was helping me put the groceries away.. she got out the scissors and snipped the plastic hansen's soda rings.. i always do this little "tiny, makes me feel like i am doing something good" gesture..
{if the rings get into the ocean, dolphins nose's, birds and sea life can get trapped in the rings}
and i am sure she has asked me why.. i don't remember the conversation but she does..
love that.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Jessica and Rob.. and the SWING!

 jessica and rob met me here for their engagement shoot.. it was the on April Fool's Day..
it was gorgeous.. i mean totally perfect san diego weather..
i knew jessica and i were going to hit it off when she told me she was bringing 4 wardrobe changes.. 
{i love a girl who loves clothes}
we pulled in and parked next to eachother..  rob got out, said hello and began to get their awesome bike out of the back of their giant truck..
next jessica pops out of the passenger seat with a burst of energy..
i immediatly knew this shoot was going to be fun..
jessica and rob have an amazing, FUN, beautiful, wonderful vibe..
they let me boss them around a little bit but mostly, they did the work themselves..
i stood back and snapped them in action..
they were so amazing..
the bike ride at sunset was hilarious..
i mean hilarious..
getting 2 people to look so fabulous on a bike isn't easy but they did it..
they did it perfect..
they were troopers as i had them parading through weeds, foxtails, cactus and swinging on a homemade swing..
{i was pulling tiny tiny cactus hair out of my hands 2 days later}
i was so sad when our session ended and bummed when i was done editing it..
i am cheesy like that..
i get to shoot this amazing couple in July..
here is a hint..
in-in-out is catering..
i'm telling you..
this couple rocks!