Thursday, April 05, 2012

Jessica and Rob.. and the SWING!

 jessica and rob met me here for their engagement shoot.. it was the on April Fool's Day..
it was gorgeous.. i mean totally perfect san diego weather..
i knew jessica and i were going to hit it off when she told me she was bringing 4 wardrobe changes.. 
{i love a girl who loves clothes}
we pulled in and parked next to eachother..  rob got out, said hello and began to get their awesome bike out of the back of their giant truck..
next jessica pops out of the passenger seat with a burst of energy..
i immediatly knew this shoot was going to be fun..
jessica and rob have an amazing, FUN, beautiful, wonderful vibe..
they let me boss them around a little bit but mostly, they did the work themselves..
i stood back and snapped them in action..
they were so amazing..
the bike ride at sunset was hilarious..
i mean hilarious..
getting 2 people to look so fabulous on a bike isn't easy but they did it..
they did it perfect..
they were troopers as i had them parading through weeds, foxtails, cactus and swinging on a homemade swing..
{i was pulling tiny tiny cactus hair out of my hands 2 days later}
i was so sad when our session ended and bummed when i was done editing it..
i am cheesy like that..
i get to shoot this amazing couple in July..
here is a hint..
in-in-out is catering..
i'm telling you..
this couple rocks!