Wednesday, April 04, 2012

diy vintage rope swing..

so i had an idea to make a swing.. 
 i was inspired by a location with gorgeous trees.. combine that with an engagement shoot.. 
and off to home depot i went..

it was very simple.. i had mixed reactions as usual.. how would you hang it? me. the QUEEN of over simplifying.. i will just wrap it? i wasn't quite sure but.. it worked out..
 once i get something in my head.. 
i jump in.. usually ill prepared and very impatiently.. but i manage.. somehow?
so i bought 3/8 inch manilla rope from home depot {it came in a bag.. really? how much easier can it get?}  and i also bought a  long piece of pine.. and had it cut.. home depot cut it for me right on the spot..
i choose 24 inches.. you could do whatever..
i love home depot.. the lady that helped me was martha.. 
she was SO helpful..
she was so excited for me and my swing..

i just love the look of natural rope..

so.. the bag says 122 lb weight limit but you are doing two ropes total so is it actually a 244 lb weight limit..

so first thing..
 i measured 1 inch in from both ends of the wood then i marked the exact center.. 
with a 3/8 inch drill bit, hubby drilled the holes to string the rope through..
{in his pj's and all.. it was a sunday morning project}

i wrapped tape around the ends of the rope to prevent fraying.. and slid the rope through the holes..

flip over the wood and tie a knot reaaaaal tight..

i thought the swing needed some whimsy..
i cut 1 inch strips of vintage fabric to tie to the rope..
i have a ton of fabric my grandma gave me years ago and i love it..

here is a little secret.. if you cut into fabric.. you can then tear it when making strips and it will rip perfectly straight..
no lie.
it is seriously so fun.. 

i simply tied the long strips of fabric all the way up the rope..

and there she is.. all ready to go..
here is the fabulous couple who i got to shoot swinging in the trees..
it was SO amazing..


ali said...

so excellent.

fawn said...

thanks ali!! xo

fawn said...

thanks ali!! xo