Thursday, October 10, 2013

sometimes.. magic.. JUST happens..

i am editing this wedding and it was a doozey of fabulous-ness.. can't wait to share it with you.. in the meantime.. i wanted to share this photo.. straight out of camera, not one little bit of editing.. yes. magic. this is what i call.. magic.. in a photo.
right place. right time. right couple.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

fall boots and nails..

i LOVE fall! i really have not realized HOW much until this year.. i could feel the season change a bit.. well, for southern california i could. the air is crisp.. i noticed the leaves on the ground, the sky is so darn blue and the ocean looks like waves of glitter.. it really is so sparkly... pumpkin spice lattes are flowin' at starbucks.. i start to burn candles every night.. i always ask myself, when is the right time to break out the boots? october 1st seems about right so i did this morning, i pulled them out of the back of my closet and noticed a pattern.. i apparently love brown boots. i glittered a pair awhile back, ohh and my favorite! i love my fringe pair, i have the effortless pull on flat boot and then i have over the knee suede, i threw my new red suede booties in the photo because they are the latest and greatest.. they are a bit higher of a heel for me which means i won't wear them too much but when i do.. i will do a happy dance and celebrate..  you see, i am almost 5'10.. so when i wear a 3" heel, i am very noticeably TALL.. yes. 6'1''.. eye level to hubby..but just really tall.. 
the moccasins are my go to.. they are like wearing slippers..
love those things..

another fall trend i love is dark nails.. these are some favorites..
navy, gunmetal and greige..
and the gold glitter is a fun extra coat for the ring finger..
best $10 splurge.. a manicure.. or a candle.. or a bottle of wine..
ok.. their are a few..
 but manicure is up there..

today my nails are white and i am quite loving it.. i was on a coffee date with my bestie and she painted my nails while we chatted... because that is what friends are for.. coffee, girl talk and nail painting..
good for the soul..

happy fall..